Pixel and Me – 1 Month + later.

I have been using my Google Pixel for over a month now. With each day, I appreciate it more. It is the only brand, in the Android fleet, that truly competes with the Apple iPhone. Yes, Sony and Samsung have premium devices that are great phones, but they lack one thing. That is direct, immediate support from Google with the OS.

I think Google rushed the phone to market a little early and that is the reason it is missing the waterproofing that it gets knocked for. I’m not bothered by not having it. There is the the lack of waterproofing, but I like the build and finish.

If there is a downside to the Android OS, it is that it is a more open operating system than Apple’s IOS and you can truly tailor your device to your personality. By being able to tailor it, you can also install some software that isn’t safe, if you don’t know what you are doing. If you install software that doesn’t come from Google’s Play Store, you cant be sure if you are loading a valid copy or not.

I think Android is plenty usable without tailoring, but there is that flexibility. If you only download software from Google Play Store, then the apps should be as safe as apps from Apple’s App store.

Another caution to mention is that there are so many Android phone brands out there and they are not all equally supported. In today’s world a properly maintained computer has a chance of keeping bad things out. Make no mistake, today’s smart phones are computers and you need to pay attention to security.

Back to my experience with my Google Pixel.

It is the fastest smart phone that I have ever had including my previous iPhone 6+. The camera is extremely fast focusing and taking photos. Google is spending a lot of time improving its apps and adding new apps.

I personally like the Google “Inbox” mail client better than the Apple Mail app. I also prefer the Google Calendar to Apple’s calendar.

Google currently has an advantage in the artificial Intelligence market and I believe that theGoogle Assistant is superior to Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. The next few years should see great improvements in this AI technology.

I have been using Google Auto for some navigation testing and it works great, even in David. Waze also works fine. The GPS on this phone has been great and equal to the Apple 6+ I had and certainly better than my previous LG G4.

I have liked it so much that I ordered a second Google Pixel for Lilliam. I am going to stick with the Google Pixel, which is a little smaller and fits in my pocket easier. Her’s reached Florida on December 30. They were out of stock, when I ordered, and I missed the Christmas window.

For Lilliam, I ordered the Pixel XL limited edition “Really Blue” version. It only comes with 32GB of storage, however, for Lilliam’s usage, it should be fine.

One of the problems with Apple’s iPhone is that, if you use Apple’s iCloud to store photos, it can become very expensive. However, Google has taken the stance with the new Pixel Phones to provide unlimited storage for all photos and videos for free. When you need more physical space in the phone, you just tell the phone to remove the photos from the phone and they are sent to the Google cloud.

They are also stored in the original format, not compressed format, as with other Android phones.

Google photos is an outstanding photo manager. It continually sends me suggested videos it has assembled from my previous outings.

So as I said, I ordered Lilliam’s phone for Christmas, but Santa is getting on in years and must have gotten confused and delivered it to my daughter’s house in Texas. She sent it to my Boquete E-Store address in Florida, where it arrived December 30.

However, I was able to show Lilliam her present. My granddaughters did the honors of opening the box to show it off. Hopefully it will get down here by the middle of January.

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  1. Fortunately, I have stuck with android and google since the beginning. I like options unlike apple’s proprietary phones and products. Android OS, google play store and other softwares always works great. The problem with a lot of android users is not knowing how to download and check software when it is downloading. I have a maleware and virus scan all downloads. Never had a problem. AVG is a great virus program. I have used it for 15 years on phones and computers. Norton is the worst antivirus out there and slows down a computer or device tremendously. Never have gotten a virus with it running AVG and it’s free. A few good defrag/optimize programs out there to use when you load up a cell phone. I defrag and optimize at least once a week. And yes, android with enough ram and fast processor out does apples phones now days on speed. I might buy a pixel down the road. I have the samsung J7 and it’s a great phone if you know how to use software and clean it up once in a while.

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