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Just a man, standing in my kitchen, wondering…
Why did I come in here?

My bed is a magical place where I suddenly remember everything I need to do.

Moving To Panama – Reality Check

I have been neglect in posting about life in Panama for a while, but I assure you I have been and continue to be busy. However, after recently reading a couple of the Yahoo sites and other websites and blogs, I feel moved to set some records strait.

The number of sites that provide valuable information have diminished in the 14+ years since I first started to consider Panama as a place to retire. When I moved here, the Yahoo groups were a valuable source of good information and the people that contributed really wanted to help.

Not only has Yahoo become an email provider to avoid, but the groups themselves tend to be areas of discontent. My opinion. As a side note, if you use Yahoo as an email provider, you would be wise to close your account and get a different provider. To see why, just do a Google Search on Yahoo Information Breaches. Continue reading Moving To Panama – Reality Check

Skiing is probably the most expensive way to fall down a mountain.

Husbands find it hard to listen to their wives because their brains are full up with important information about beer, cars, sports, technology and naked women.

Attention, people at four-way stops: The sign means stop your car — not your brain.

People should have to travel together for at least one week prior to getting married.