Life is Fragile – Enjoy Each Day.

Just one day after Carrie Fisher dies, her mother Debbie Reynolds followed her. The loss was too much to bear. I have seen this several times.

This needs to be a reminder to enjoy each day to the fullest and always let our family and friends know how much we care for them.

I just finished another Embassy case for a couple that had moved to Panama only about two months ago. They were loving it here. They loved the country. They loved the people.

Then one had a stoke and fell and was taken to Regional Hospital. This is where everyone is taken following similar accidents, unless someone intervenes.

The holidays are not a good time to be in need of medical attention in Panama. Doctors are not available often and sometimes it will take a couple of days for a specialist to come.

Death followed

We were able to take care of the hospital, the Doctor’s cause of death report (Desfuncion), the Panama death certificate and get the body sent for cremation in record time. The Embassy is preparing the US death certificates.

These sort of cases, at Christmas time, really affect me. However, it was amazing to see the support of those that were there to ease the pain.

As you go forward today, think of those you love. Call them and tell them. Life is fragile. Enjoy each day.

8 thoughts on “Life is Fragile – Enjoy Each Day.

  1. Well said.
    Once again my husband and i wish to thank you for your dedicated service.
    Have a happy and healthy New Year
    Alison and Bill

  2. It has been a very hard Christmas season. I lost my brother-in-law, 60 years old just before Christmas. Dropped dead of a torn aorta as he entered his favorite bar to have a holiday drink. I make sure I never take a second for granted (it’s easy to do). Life is way too short and speeds up faster and faster the older we get. Hoping we all have a better 2017 filled with good health, smiles, laughter, friends, family and most of all love! Happy 2017!!

  3. so sorry for the couple that was here for just 2months… they were so lucky to have you around to help… you are always there for people and that’s wonderful. May I ask where are crematories in Panama? thank you and Happy Healthy New Year!

  4. I have had the best luck using the funeral home “Asociación Funeria Del Retiro” in David. They pick up the body from the hospital, take it to Panama City and return with the ashes. They did all in 24 hours.

    I don’t know who they use in Panama City.

  5. Susan, There is one in Panama City and a recently opened one here in David. The company is Grupo Memorial. They are located in San Pablo Viejo. It is pass the Chiriqui Mall. The General Manager is Victor Villarreal. Cell 6671.7732. Two other number 775.7371 or 380.0343.

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