The Gift of Giving

I visited a short time yesterday with Tom McCormack. He was in his usual place doing what he does when he is in Panama and that is giving of himself to those less fortunate.

I think Tom told me that he has provided more than 400 legs. Talk about walking the walk.

This gentleman had come from Aguadulce to receive a little help from Tom.

This prosthetic would cost over $9K in the US and the cost from Tom is a smile and a handshake.

Other prosthetics run up to $25K and again the cost from Tom is zero.

At this time of year it is good to see the tears of joy instead of tears of sadness.

6 thoughts on “The Gift of Giving

  1. Don, Thanks for posting about Tom.

    Tom, you are truly a very amazing and loving man. We continue to watch deliveries to your barn for the next container. Happy Holidays to all your Panamanian benefactors.

  2. TOM has definately helped and continues to do so. Is it true only one more container will arrive
    then Tom will retire from future containers?
    Just asking as some have spread rumors of
    the such becsuse of the heroes program that
    took place not long ago. Since I don’t go by rumors this is why I am asking.Tks.

  3. Don’t believe in rumors.I have no idea when I will stop.Can’t go on forever but still going strong.

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