OPENDNS Revisited

I have written up OPENDNS before, but maybe it would be worthwhile again.

OPENDNS is a good way to improve your Internet security in your home network or individual PC. I have recommended it to my daughter to help secure the Internet for my grandkids. OPENDNS can be set up to filter sites that young minds don’t need to find while surfing the Internet. My daughter and I are in the process of setting up a more secure home WiFi network.

You can go to and set up for a personal account. It is free. After setting up an account, you enter the DNS setting for OPENDNS in your router or PC and you have better Internet protection.

If you use a home WiFi network, you can configure it with the level of restriction you want.

High – Protects against all adult-related sites, illegal activity, social networking sites, video sharing sites, and general time-wasters.

Medium – Protects against all adult-related sites and illegal activity.

Low – Protects against pornography.

None – Nothing blocked.

Custom – Choose the categories you want to block.

It isn’t perfect, but it is very good.

This cannot be used if you are using a VPN or UNLOCATOR to visit streaming sites. However, if you are using KODI, you don’t really need UNLOCATOR and it does block Adults sites on KODI if they are available.

I learned something about the various VPN providers while I was testing OPENDNS. I had it set to the medium setting and was researching various VPNs. I was surprised to find that several were flagged by OPENDNS as being non safe. Several were well known sites, such as HIDEMYASS, Express VPN, and a few others were flagged with non private connection warnings.

So if you are using a VPN or thinking about using a VPN, it might be worth activating OPENDNS to prevent signing up for one that is risky.

WiTopia, which I have used in the past, was not filtered, so I consider that it is still a good provider.

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