Did Apple’s Muse Die with Jobs?

I am baffled with the lack direction that Apple seems to have. It was recently announced that Apple had decided to shut down its router division. I own an Apple Airport Extreme and it is a fantastic router.

In fact, it seems like Apple is quietly dropping several things. It also canceled the stand alone monitor. What will be next?

Could it be the Apple Mac Pro? It came out in 2013 and hasn’t seen any attention since then. There was speculation that a new Mac Pro would be announced in November and that hasn’t happened. Maybe it is on the chopping block too.

The router axing is interesting to me because it is very obvious that the direction of technology is moving into mobile and home automation, Both are very dependent on WiFi.The Internet of Things (IoT) is being targeted by many manufacturers. IoT requires a strong WiFi capability in the house.

Look at Amazon’s Echo, Samsung’s Smart Things Hub, Google’s Mesh Network WiFi routers, Google Home and all of the supporting devices being manufactured for smart homes.

Next year will be the year of the mesh router. You will be able to have a strong WiFi signal in every area of your house.

All that Apple has, that can remotely be considered in that area, is the Apple TV, which supports Apple Home Kit.

Of course Apple Home Kits won’t do anything, if there is no network in the house for Apple to manage and now that network doesn’t have a chance of running on Apple hardware.

So, I have about decided that the muse that inspired Jobs has left the building. It appears that Apple’s current management has become another management team only interested in the bottom line and if that is true, Apple will die.

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  1. I fear that there is at least some truth in your article Don, although I, as a big Apple fan, dislike to admit it. Apple seems to only chase the dollar-sign lately and has lost its magic as far as new products are concerned. They are still top of the line in pricing, but no longer in the field of top-notch technology, which is sad (and bad).

    Apple has been for over a decade the leading technology company with high levels of new and great inventions, but sadly it seems to have died with Mr Jobs. The thing that worries me the most is the clear and present arrogance inside Apple nowadays, where some high and mighty manager decides what is not useful anymore (headphone jack, USB ports on the newest super-expensive MacBooks), while in the recent past, Mr Jobs showed us products that were surprisingly neat and very useful.

    it is a sad truth, I fear.

  2. Don, I had not heard about Apple’s decision to close down its router division. On the other hand I am not as surprised as many. In the time since Steve Jobs passed away, we have seen Apple changing. There have been many sign posts.

    Why has Apple, who lead the way with touch, not released a Macbook with a touch screen? PC’s have had touch screens on desktops and laptops for at least 3 years. In fact, just about everything has a touch screen including some home appliances!

    I personally believe the Amazon Echo would have been an Apple device had Steve Jobs still been at the helm. This is a device worthy of Apple’s futuristic vision. I look at things coming to market now and I see little from Apple, yet I see things that would have clearly fallen into the “designed by Apple” category.

    Another amazing event has been Microsoft’s first release of a futuristic PC. Microsoft has always been just a software company as opposed to Apple that was an entire eco-system. Microsoft has release the Surface Studio, a 28″ table top PC. Believe it or not this is Microsoft’s first PC. PC’s have always been made by other hardware companies. Clearly this move takes aim at what has always been Apple’s client base of artists and designers. Table top touch vs no touch on Macbooks and iMacs. I shake my head and wonder.

    It would seem that both Microsoft and Apple are evolving into companies very different than their past. Sadly, my prediction that Apple would greatly change with the passing of Steve Jobs is coming true. It highlights just what a leader and forward thinker he was.

    I am saddened to see the change in direction. Whether you fall into the PC or the Mac world, you have to admit that Apple of the past was truly a leader and visionary. Hopefully other visionaries will spring up from the seeds Apple has planted.

  3. Yes, of the last three technical conferences I have watched (Apple, Google and Microsoft), the best was Microsoft, the next was Google and the last was Apple. Microsoft blew Apple away and Google is pushing the envelope with AI and mobile technology.

  4. If it’s true, this is a real sea change. I’ve only owned an Ipad and an Ipod but was always aware of how ground-breaking Apple was.

  5. Don, I enjoy and appreciate your commentaries and find them quite useful. HOWEVER – give me a break – Steve was the penultimate hatchet man for dead end products. As you yourself said, routers are about to go mesh (finally), so what better time to get out of a highly competitive and profitless marketplace. Just today I got the announcement of the Ubiquiti mesh APs. Their Edgerouter is already the best on the market IMHO along with their APs.

    Apple has succeeded because they focused on a few products with a few models each where they could enforce technology leadership. Thank you Steve and I don’t see any sign of that “ethos” being gone. Axing losing products just proves the point.

    Apple (the oldest continuously operating computer company) has never felt the need to compete at the bleeding edge. Their results seem to confirm the wisdom of Jobs.

  6. If I were a new consumer, with no ecosystem investment, then there is not a single product of Apple, that I would buy. I still have four Apple products. Two Apple Airport devices, an iPad Air 2 and a MacBook Pro.

    In their class, they are still the best, however I think the Google Pixel tablet is as good and cheaper. I think the new Microsoft Surface laptops compete well and remove the need for a tablet.

    The new Microsoft desktops are first class and show a lot of innovation. My point feeling is that Apple needs to get on the ball or it will lose the market that it created. So far the only thing I see that Apple has in the IoT area is their Apple TV and I am not impressed with it.

    The Ubiquitii mesh router I am looking at is AmpliFi. However, I am also considering EERO and Google’s WiFi systems.

  7. The best thing that Steve Jobs ever created was the rabbit that all other competitors were forced to chase. With his talent for making the “next big thing” kept others awake at night trying to keep up.

  8. when Tony Fadell was interviewed about his experience working for Apple, this is something which got my attention * Steve would always tell us to stay beginners, everyday wear the beginner hat, we are giving the customer tools they need to succeed in their everyday life. Fadell said, he was passionate, he created a distortion of reality not seeing what was there but what is going to be. Fadell also said no way in h@#$ my wife would have worked for him, there was a lot of tension sometimes ,but we were creating something amazing ,,iPod, iPhone etc..

    I just wanted to share this because there might be some true to the article…. He was an extraordinary human being…..


  9. Well, it is evident to me that Apple appears to have stalled. Microsoft did the same thing, but it looks like Microsoft has their Mojo back.

    Apple has tons of money, but no enthusiasm. I think that is why Jonathan Ive is not there on a daily basis anymore.

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