Restaurante Mar y Tierra in David


Yesterday we tried out the Mar y Tierra restaurant in David. It is good to have another good restaurant open on Sunday’s.

It replaces a previous restaurant Cuatro.

The restaurant is an upscale restaurant and the menu is in the photo album at the end of the post.

The service was extremely good and the food we had was excellent. I had fried shrimp and Lilliam had fish. Both were excellent.

I will be returning to try other items on the menu,

Following is a driving video I did for the Cuatro restaurant, but while the name has changed, the directions are the same.

Following  is the photo album. If you stop in to Mar y Tierra, tell them you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

6 thoughts on “Restaurante Mar y Tierra in David

  1. With those prices I predict that Mar y Tierra will soon join Mrs. Mendoza’s on Don Ray’s “Places I used to like eating at” list.

  2. I have found that price is only one factor in the success or failure of restaurants. It the service is good and the quality of the food is constant with the price, there will be people to consume it.

    Restaurants have never been a very good business. Seems like there are restaurants starting up and shutting down all the time. Often it is because the owner loses interest and doesn’t focus on the business.

  3. Much of a business’s success depends on LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Catty corner across the street there’s now a Chinese place that always appears to be empty. It has been AT LEAST three things in the last year. My bus passes right by there every time I go to the terminal so I’ve seen the changes. But no matter what has preceded them in failure hope springs eternal.

  4. Your driving directions are absolutely amazing. Everyone should make one so the folks can find their house. I suggest some music with it however. How about Surfin’ Bird by the Trashmen? I don’t go to restaurants unless someone else is paying for it. I am poor and cheap. I digress. Imagine a business of making these directional videos for people who get tired of folks not being able to find them? Make one for 20 bucks for everyone interested. You could finally retire for real……

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