I’m Pixel – ing


My Google Pixel arrived at E-Shop yesterday.

This may be the first Google Pixel in Panama. This is the best phone I have ever owned.

I decided on the Pixel as opposed to the Pixel XL because I thought it would fit in my pocket easier.

It will take a little time to see if the larger screen would have been a better choice, but at the moment, I think it is going to be fine.

It is fast, the camera works great, and all of my applications have been installed.

I once again feel like I am part of the Internet world.

10 thoughts on “I’m Pixel – ing

  1. Please do keep us informed, looks great! I went over to the dark side and bought a cheap android phone when my iPhone 5 died again, the battery kept overheating and then it would swell and push the screen lose. The android is OK, but I liked my iPhone better.

  2. There are several good Android phones. I had some special requirements that pushed me into the iPhone level of the Android. I wanted guaranteed OS and security updates and I wanted something that would operate with the Google Fi network in the US.

  3. I has a necessity 6 I loved that phone,somebody stole it,so I bought the honor 5x,great phone for the money.

  4. A year ago on Black Friday (Thursday afternoon – go figure), I got a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime for $48. I was upgrading for another branded phone that was a cheap throw away which I bought for proof of concept – installed Magic Jack app. I took the cheap one back for a refund after I transferred data to the new $48 Galaxy. I was in Buenos Aires for a few weeks in January and saw the same phone there for anywhere from $350 to $500 in the store windows. Wish I had imported a few and could have paid for my vacation. The only think I don’t like about the Galaxy is that all the Samsung apps are on it which I have no way to get rid of and for most of them have no use for either. This goes for some of the Android apps as well. Also not much memory and the sd card doesn’t get much crossover not matter how hard I try. More memory would be great so I could just keep apps on the phone instead of taking one off to put another on temporarily which I find annoying.

    The Pixel sounds intriguing. And, like always, I now have some self assigned homeword from reading your column to Google “Google Fi”.

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