It’s Just a Little Rain

This is the most rain I remember in my 14 years in Panama. It seems like it has been going on for ever. I feel lucky that I live in David and don’t have to travel to get my personal needs satisfied.

2 Minutes from Supermarket Rey, 5 minutes to the major hospitals. You never think about things like this until you start seeing all of the traffic accidents that happen in the rain in Panama.

People drive the same in Panama, whether it is raining or dry. The other day a gasoline truck went off the road and exploded killing all occupants.

The roads are suffering and there are many potholes forming.

Some places wish they only had potholes.


It pays to take a little extra time driving during the rainy season. Stay safe out there.

13 thoughts on “It’s Just a Little Rain

  1. I know what you’re saying Don. We have been putting of coming to David, for a week. Today is a must travel from Dolega. Just hoping the rain stays light. I don’t worry about our driver but I do worry about others on the road. Wish us luck!

  2. When are they predicting it will end? Where is that road you showed the picture of with\
    the breaks in the road?

  3. We’re staying put tucked in our house. The biggest problem is walking the dog. Fortunately we are not flooded where we live, and we still have water in the faucet. Some folks are really hurting right now with 3 feet of muddy water in their house…and it’s still raining.

  4. Koki absolutely refuses to go pee in the rain, even if it is a light. I have to carry her out, put her down and tell her to do her business.

  5. Why don’t Panamanians turn their headlights on in the rain? It is hard to see the other guy when they do not. I run with my headlights on 90% of the time. Maybe if they see me coming they will pull out in front of me. 😉

  6. Some body know where is that picture of the broken road? Because that is also in watsap and people said is not here in Panama .

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