Help Tom – Help Chiriquí


The other day I mentioned that Rubi Ciana is up for the Héros of Panama. It is now time to vote and you can vote on an hourly basis.

There was an $8,000 award for being nominated and there will be another $30,000 for the winner.

The McCormack Foundation will be able to help a lot of folks if Rubi wins.

To vote, click HERE and vote often. You do not need to be in Panama to vote. As the graphic says, voting stops on November 20.

18 thoughts on “Help Tom – Help Chiriquí

  1. Wow, that’s just like the Democratic voting machine I used to use in Chicago. Only you didn’t have to wait an hour for placing subsequent votes. ha ha only joking. Come-on people, we need Rubi to win. Tom is a Saint and Rubi is his Angel.

  2. People, this is for a really, really good cause. Vote and vote often and by the way, how about posting this ad on your Facebook account so other people will know about her.

  3. Reminder, the voting has not ended!

    No, not that voting, the voting for Rubi. We have 10 days remaining so keep voting. It does not cost anything to help Rubi and Tom’s efforts to help Chiriqui.

  4. I haven’t had the honour of meeting Tom McCormick personally, but I know that his foundation is a major source of supplies to the community help groups in Volcan and Boquete and I’m pleased to vote for his assistant.

  5. Still five more days to vote and vote every hour for those five days. Doesn’t cost a thing and it helps so many.

  6. Pete or anyone else, your welcome to visit our prosthetic office next to the jail in David any morning to see first hand what we do.We don’t solicit money so come and see what’s up.

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