Hard At Work


Tom McCormack is still delivering the contents of Container #18 to needy Panamanian recipients. Arm and leg prothesis are being fitted. The good work goes on.

You may wonder how you can say “Thank You”. Well, a good way is to continue putting in votes for Rubi, his trusty assistant. That would provide his foundation with $30,000, which would allow Tom to help more people.

Click HERE to vote.

10 thoughts on “Hard At Work

  1. I’ve been voting about 12 times a day. All I have is a laptop. I’ve visited with Tom at his workshop where he fits artificial limbs. He receives some million dollar smiles. The problem is the smiles are not spendable like $30,000 would be, It is so easy to just click and vote. Please do as often as you can. This is one way of thanking him.

  2. I will vote to help the benevolent organization, but more importantly, I will donate to the founding of a organization that incorporates 3-d printing technology into creating prosthesis parts right here in Chiriqui. What are we waiting for? There is no good reason that this is not an achievable goal. This is exactly the kind of endeavor we should be promoting.

  3. Tom/Don, why don’t you or someone you know that has the time to do so, try a crowdrise.com campaign for that 3D printer. I will be glad to assist in the promotion of the campaign, but am not able to head it up.

  4. Everything start with a want and a first step. At least we’re talking about the possibility.
    A meeting should be called and a fundraiser should be started.
    While living in Nicaragua I was a witness to many people that could be immensely benefited with prosthesis parts. I was reading a article about 3-d printing one day and the thought came to me. We could make the parts right here.
    I don’t believe this an impossible dream. Frankly , I’m a little insulted by the mind set that Central America is nothing more than a dependent step child. That train of thought needs to be put to rest.

  5. A strange way to vote but I have been doing my best for my good friend Tom. Have been voting twice an hour (lpad and PC ) ever since first notified Ruby was being considered. She is a fine lady.


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