Well, the election is over and you would think people would start moving on with their lives.

However, we are seeing “paid for” disruption of the democratic process that has made the US the model democracy in the world. People like George Soros are funding vast protests to cast doubt on the legitimacy on Trump’s presidency. Trump has been elected the President of the US. Those who want to say, “He is not my president” should pack their bags and leave. Many of them are already in Panama.

It has happened before, but once again you start hearing that Hillary won the popular vote and should be president. Luckily the founding fathers of the US Constitution saw that popular votes could disenfranchise a large portion of the nation and created the Electoral College.

Many people don’t understand the reason for the Electoral College. Following is a very good presentation of the rational for its creation and its benefits.

When Obama ran for president, I voted against him. He won and I said, fine, lets see what happens. I felt he was a good speaker and might be what the nation needed. I didn’t get upset because my choice lost. Disappointment should only motivate people to be more involved the next election.

In fact the transition from George Bush to Obama was the model that should be followed. Following the transition, Bush backed out of the public spotlight and let Obama do his thing without any comments from Bush.

I hope Obama can do that with Trump, but I don’t expect it to happen. It is not in his best interest.

This time my candidate was Trump. I think he deserves a chance, the same way I thought Obama deserved a chance. If he doesn’t perform to everyone’s expectations or desires, you have your opportunity to vote him out next time.

Now it is time to stop pouting and start enjoying our time on this planet. I know I have fewer days in front of me than behind me and intend to enjoy them independent of who is in office.

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  1. So lucky you are not a federal employee. Some are immune to federal prosecution. Most are not. Then there are their felon friends. Thanks for your article.

  2. I’m sorry but the Electoral College is outdated and if Trump had won the Electoral and the popular vote I would feel much better about this. No single state should have more power over another and that’s what the Electoral college does. Also, the whole Soros thing has been disputed in Snopes……I would never behave the way that many people are behaving right now but if you think there would not be Trump supporters demonstrating if he had lost (when he made a point of calling the election rigged and to demonstrate if he lost) then you are very naive…..just my point of view. 5 times in our history a candidate has won the electoral votes but not the popular…..all Republicans….hmmmmm……

  3. Well I usually don’t comment but, in this case I,ll make an exception.First thank the heavens Mr Trump was elected.Second I appreciate the comments by clear thinking people here on this forum.

  4. Sorry Susie. I guess you didn’t understand the presentation.

    Of course everyone would always prefer that the Electoral and population vote are in sync. However, it was created to prevent a few large cities from dictating to the entire country.

    Sorry your candidate lost. You will have another opportunity in 4 years. If Trump doesn’t perform, I may agree with your next choice.

    I should also point out that there were no Democrats or Republicans that set up the Electoral College. Only wise men who has witnessed tyranny in Europe.

  5. What I find amazing is the fear of those on the left and how they handle it. As you pointed out Don, while the right was greatly disappointed in both 2008 & 2012, they did not have rioting in the streets. Yes, those on the right was greatly frustrated, disappointed and even angry but it was tempered with respect. Obama was given a chance by all, even those that feared the change.

    There will be those that find more comfort in their fear and looking for ways to be angry. As an example, I have gay friend who is fearful that replacing Obamacare would rid him of his “pre-exisiting medical condition”. When it was announced that Trump plans to keep the pre-exisiting condition clause his response was – see Trump lied. There was no recognition that he could put his fears to rest. No moment of “oh whew, that is good”, just anger to try to justify his belief that Trump is the devil.

    I will be watching and judging Trump on his actions as words are easily said, twisted and misunderstood. Look for the good and realize much of your fears are unfounded or else be miserable and angry for the next 4 years.

  6. I forgot to mention that I was not a fan of Hilary either….I wanted Kasich….having said that I stand by my view that the Electoral vote is out of date….yes, once upon a time it was much easier to vote if you lived in the big city than in rural America….that is no longer the case…..I want mine and every single person’s (yes even my opponents) vote to count….Guess that’s just the “fairness” gene my parents implanted in me. I want Trump to do well….I want America to thrive…..we shall wait and see.

  7. Well said Don. What we are seeing in the riots are typical liberal/progressive responses to things they don’t agree with and don’t like. The vast majority of them are clueless and have no idea how seriously their policies over many years have destroyed our culture. Political
    correctness (one of their core values) is probably the single worst thing that has happened to our country in the past 40 or 50 years.

  8. Who are those people on the streets rioting? Don’t they have jobs??? OH NO, they’re on the dole and have no boss to explain their absences to!! They care NOTHING for their own neighborhoods or their neighbor’s possessions!! Anarchy in the nth degree is fine with them! Make them all pass the drug tests before they get their benefits! Make them all ineligible for benefits after 3 years, make them clean streets and rat infested buildings in their neighborhoods before they get a single penny from the government! Then let’s see who cares. Ya don’t like the outcome of the election…too late…that’s what the ballot box is for! Don’t like the results…go someplace else!!

  9. Don, I have always respected your opinions. I am not sorry Trump won. I didn’t like HRC anyway and I am against the Trump demonstrations But, your stating that: “Those who want to say, “He is not my president” should pack their bags and leave. ” sounds tooo much as what is happening here in Panama, a country which you know well. There are demonstrations here and the Prensa is reporting slogans against foreigners, specially Venezuelans and Colombians, saying similar those xenophobic words Additionally they are proposing that foreigners should not own Panamanian property. Although that won’t happen it is that kind of atmosphere that discomforts one.

  10. PS: Your words were not xenophobic, but still disturbing. In the US there is still room for disagreement and dissent, without violence nor property destruction.

  11. I don’t believe it much matters who wins. Grandma used to say I was a conservative with my Brussel sprouts but a liberal with my Easter candy. I think greed is the determining factor of how we got here. now to this issue of the electoral college. Don has said that without the college vast populations would be disenfranchised. But isn’t it just as true that vast populations are disenfranchised with the college system? One thing I would bet on, is the people here would sure have a change of opinion if the electoral college did change its mind and voted to elect Clinton. We all praise authority when it supports us and condem it when it doesn’t.

  12. Larson, I have no problem with different opinions. I have no problem with people say they didn’t want or don’t like Trump.

    I do have a problem with the words saying he is not my president. That is a statement against the democratic process and I would bet you money that the majority walking around with those signs didn’t even vote.

    If you are a US citizen and If you didn’t vote, then you have no right to object the outcome.

    I also have zero patience with anyone who thinks they have a right to destroy property just because they don’t like how things turned out.

  13. Well, I did vote, however for none of the two choices. Too bad the US comes down to a two party system. As I said, I am against violence and destruction of property. After most election there is certain discontent and a lot those persons voice their dissatisfaction with stating the elected president is not their representative, but so far, they have not deported anyone for disagreeing.

  14. Don, Several things have been running through my mind with this year’s election process. These include: a) wondering if preferential voting ( would have changed the nominations (especially Republican) or the final outcome. b) thinking it might be good for states to follow NE & ME’s leads with one elector chosen by Congressional District and two by statewide results. c) wondering if a plurality of a small subset of voters really constitutes a mandate (for example 33.7% of people who got a ballot in Harris County, TX did not cast a vote for President). Things to ponder…

  15. Clinton lost because she failed to get the Democratic voter turnout that showed up for the 2 previous elections. Republican turnout was essentially the same for all three elections. So, the Trump victory was more of a Clinton loss. Her own party didn’t want her.

    Obama campaigned on non-partisan governing. He failed. As the sitting president, he could have called a news conference to denounce the protests as he did with other protests about police shootings. His silence could be read as condoning the protests. So much for smooth transition.

  16. Clinton won the election. The Electoral college stole it from her. Try reality, she got MORE votes. This is the only election in the USA that doesn’t play fair——all other elections in every state Do Not use a state electoral college because one city has a huge population advantage over another. In a governors race a vote is a vote. In a Senator election a Vote is a Vote. The Electoral College is not in the right millinium. District lines in states are changed from time to time but that doesn’t effect a vote is a vote for a candidate in a US Congressional vote at the state level. The population of the entire state determines the number of Electoral votes for a national election ONLY. If you think this is fair ask yourself—why doesn’t each state have the same college. The answer is; States actually don’t like the system or they would implement it. Neither one of the candidates were on my voting list.
    This is the 5th time in US history an election was stolen by the electoral college. If I run for dog catcher in a state and get the majority of votes—–Then I am an Elected Official by one person one vote.

  17. The Electoral College worked as the founding fathers designed it. I thought the video was very clear. I am sorry for you that you are not happy with the winner.

  18. not true don. trump motivated racist people to do so. He is an ugly person. no values, no respect for anybody not even for himself. the rise of the kkk, neo nazis and supremacists. period.

  19. Bush the worst president ever.. Chaney was behind him and evil. left the country with the highest unemployment. Now Republicans will have what they like: wars a way of making money.

  20. Again, I will disagree with you. However, you have expressed your opinion and will have an opportunity in 4 more years to express it again. That is assuming you voted this time.

  21. agree with susie. Mark and I knew that if the margin was close the republicans would win hummm. and it happened again. hummm. Bush the dumbest president. Remember his face when he was reading to those kids when told of the twin towers. Dumber and Dumber. Now we have someone worst. His fortune was inherited and his investments are the worst and fraudulent steeling form investors. hummm lets see.

  22. If not for the electoral college system there could have been a good chance the constitution would not have been rarified. The system was not the only system up for debate by the founders.. they decided on the electoral system for a variety of reasons.
    Unification was not set in stone. This country could have easily been fractured off in to several countries for a long time.. before Italian unification, Italy was composed of several kingdoms. That could have easily happened to the USA.
    Just to change gears and shake up the mind set… the govt. acccount of the 9/11 attack IS
    A “conspiracy theory”. it has not been proven. Food for thought for those that don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

  23. Noris writes ” the rise of the kkk”. ——-99.9% of white people are embarrassed by these guys.
    There are only 5000 kkk members and affiliated in the entire country. With numbers like that, the kkk is more of a target than a threat. I sure wouldn’t lose and sleep worrying that the kkk is going to crash my party. You have a better chance of getting hit by a meteorite

  24. does anyone take trump serious when he says he’s going to remove 3 million illegal aliens soon? He’ll be lucky to remove 300,000 in the next 2 years. Trump has done more to organize progressive democrats than Bernie sanders ever dreamed of. Telling women they will have to go to another state to receive an abortion was the cherry on the cake. I expect abortion rights will be expanded to include republican politicians.. these guys are toast

  25. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I could care less. It matters little who the captain is of a sinking ship. I viewed both major candidates as totally ineffective. It’s like hooking up a Toyota to pull a train.. I’m amused that so many people are taken in by Trump’s ridiculous rhetoric. Claiming that 3 million people are going to be deported in short order stretches the imagination to the limit. Are people so ignorant that they actually believe this foolishness, and what of the matter of Obamacare repeal.. ending Obamacare might be good. But it hardly fixes the problem. Isn’t it logical to fix problems? Selling health insurance across state lines will have little impact on the health care problem. Have we heard of any real solutions from the Donald? And what about the energy crisis? It appears the only problem is how does the fossil fuel industry continue to compete against alternatives. Redefining what clean air is is not a solution. Trumps ideology might have worked in the 20th century, but, that was yesterday. Wake up and smell the coffee.
    One of biggest problems is this mind set that tearing down one side builds up the other.
    Wasn’t it obvious that 95% of both candidates campaign message was negitivie . If your waiting for soulutions coming from the major parties, your in for a long wait.
    PS: writing is good. I don’t care where I write. Having a blog doesn’t matter much to me.
    If Don cared he could instruct me on how to do it. Also , a message to Jim, I wouldn’t take much stock on what the business insider wrote. 90% of their articles suggested Clinton would win. No offense.

  26. Ah, welladay. Whoever decides to run for president of the U.S. and then has the wherewithal to win one of the major party nominations and then the election will likely find the weight of the burden of responsibilities nearly crushing. I myself am willing to respect such a person and hope that he or she has the strength to help all of us deal with the issues that face us. If the opportunity ever arises to meet that person I will say either, “Thank you, Mr. President” or “Thank you, Madame President”.

  27. A little investigation of the elite reveals some curious information. Take for instance Business Insider magazine. Jim made a reference to the publication so I thought I would look into their business.. turns out the magazine is owned by Springer Publications. The company was founded by axel springer. A extreamly prolific journalist.. he founded springer publications after the war in 1946. Headquarters in Berlin. Springer is responsible for about 25% of European media.At their headquarters next to the front entrance is a huge sculpture of a owl.
    We know a sudo occultic organization has a secret gathering in Northern California by about 2500 of the most powerful men in the world. Their center piece ritual takes place at the foot of a giant wooden owl. The group is called the Bohiman club.
    Questions to ponder; why does the elite gather in secret and hold what appears to be occultic rituals in front of a owl , and why does Springer publications have a huge owl at their entrance. So far, only the owl knows.

  28. I think it’s safe to say Clinton is owl poop crazy. how she ever thought she could get away with a secret as big as Clinton foundation in broad daylite test the imagination of the most gullible reader. Some of us became suspicious when we saw Clinton and foundation in the same sentence. Well, it’s over now. At least the whitehouse got its silverware returned. Good bye mr and mrs clinton and your daughter.

  29. What is so difficut to understand that Bush, Clinton , Obama, and now Trump might have
    different uniforms but are all playing on the same team. Greenspan more or less put the tail on the donkey when he gave his famous ” I think I made a boo boo” speech , in summing up the last 20 years of economic policy. It appears our greatest enemy is ourselves. We keep falling for the same old trick. The good news is the pace is quickening. The cycle is getting faster. The old guard has 23 months left until a political revolution . Jobs are not coming back (a good job is not 39 hours at Walmart) and healthcare cost are not going down . We will reach a breaking point. The midterm election will kick the old ideologies to the curb and usher in a new golden age of populist progressive politics. We’re beginning to see it now as the younger anti corporate anti Wall Street “protesters” are wrestling away the reins of power in local democratic committees all over the country.. and the poor republicans are so far behind, they still think their in front. I wonder what a degree from trump universe is worth now.

  30. Some people have commented on , the riots. I would say.. what riots? A riot is when you can see the smoke 50 miles away. The last real riot we suffered was in 1965. The. Watts riot in LA. The word is being loosely defined lately.

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