The Battle Of The Giants

Having just watched the technology giants (Microsoft and Apple) announce their new products, it sure looks like Microsoft is the new Apple. While both of these announcements contained polished presentations, only Microsoft had a personality that showed real passion in what was being presented.

Maybe he wasn’t up to Steve Job’s level, but non the less, he was charismatic and enthusiastic. I was much more impressed with Microsofts products than Apple’s.

However, I should give credit where credit is due and Apple’s manufacturing success has forced both Microsoft and Google to realign their directions and place a high priority on the manufacturing of their own branded hardware,

If we look at the past, Microsoft and Google have historically been software companies. Microsoft dabbled in hardware making keyboards and mice and then into the xbox and finally into mobile phones. Until recently, it has left the laptop and desktop to other companies to provide the product to run its software.

Microsoft was too late to save their phone game, but their laptops are looking strong and the build quality looks equal to Apple’s.

But lets back up and look at all of the recent announcements.

Microsoft showed off a new convertible laptop that was really slick and very powerful. It also showed a new desktop called the Surface Studio. It was a 28” all in one that could have been designed by Apple.

It added another new product called Dial, The Dial and a Pen, combined with the new laptops and the Surface Studio provide an outstanding graphics capability, which is better than anything I have seen Apple design.

Microsoft also showed a software suite to make use of the new capability including 3D art. Presentation wise, this was the best I have ever seen from Microsoft.

Apple’s presentation was a day after Microsoft’s announcement. They started off with some new applications for the Apple TV, It then showed off an ned MacBook Pro line. It also had some neat technology, primarily aimed at photography and video editing. All of the Apple suite of products were upgraded to make use of the new “Touch Bar”.

Apple’s laptop was very nice as was Microsoft’s. Both are very expensive and both are aimed at creative people. If you need to do simple word processing, spreadsheets or surf the net, you do not need to buy any hardware that was announced this week.

Apple has left me totally unimpressed this year. I never really appreciated what Jobs brought to the Company, but it is becoming apparent.

Now the company that is bringing some new innovation is Google. They are attacking the mobile market with more force than ever before. When they announced the Google Pixel phones, they drew a line in the sand for all other manufacturers of Android phones.

Google has seen that its Android product is being damaged by hardware manufacturers who don’t timely update to new software releases and don’t apply security updates.

Samsung has shown that it wants to be independent from Google and is implementing the Tizen operating system. I will not be surprised to see Samsung completely leave the Android camp.

The problem with that is that Android is the most accepted mobile operating system on the planet.

I have a Google Pixel on order and the delivery date is around November 22. I hope my delivery date doesn’t slip because Google underestimated the demand for its new phone.

The pixel is priced along with Apple. However, now Apple has real competition in the phone market. Pixel will receive all security updates and OS releases at the time Google issues them, not when the manufacturer has put the changes in their configuration.

Pixel is also able to run on all systems. If you start on AT&T and want to move to Verizon, there is no hardware problem. One phone for all systems.

We are living in exciting times.

6 thoughts on “The Battle Of The Giants

  1. I am voting for trump solely for the entertainment factor. I don’t have much faith either candidate is much different from the other. Both appear to be con artist and unable to find solutions to the problems the country has. Perhaps there isn’t any viable solution . At any rate it’s been a juicy election year with many issues to ponder. I’m a little disappointed Trump didn’t bring up the Clinton daughter’s DNA.. look at the facts as we know them.
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  2. now that Steve Jobs is no longer here/present. ….The new management and Engineering staff are NOT UP TO PAR …. they really hsve NO CLUE as to what Mr & Mrs John Q. Public need or even want!!


  3. Maybe apple and the rest of tech have maxed out on gadgetry. We don’t need anymore. The older I get, the less I want. I really became disillusioned with technology when my electric window wouldn’t work and it was in the rolled down position during a rainstorm and the car repair shop said it would cost $500 to fix. Or the worst of the worst moments; .you just shut your car door and the automatic lock locked it and you look and see your keys on the inside. And then you realize, you paid extra for that “convenience”

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