Thank Goodness For Julio

Almost three years ago I injured my back and was in tremendous pain. Robert Watson had contacted me a few months prior to let me know he was now in Panama and helping those with back and other physical problems.

He used a method called the Dorn technique. When my pain became so intense that I couldn’t stand it, I went to see him and he worked his magic. He was so good, that I haven’t had problems again until a couple weeks ago, when I lifted something I shouldn’t have lifted.

Robert began by doing a complete examination, checking leg length, hip placement, feeling various muscles to observe those under stress.

I would have returned to Robert, with my latest problem, but he died about a month after my session with him. He was a fantastic person and Panama lost a true healer.

Last Thursday, I had a good neighbor tell me about Julio Leiva. He practices at the Panama Red Cross and is a specialized physical therapist. He obtained his training in Barcelona Spain and is continuing his training there.

I went to see him Friday evening after a week of increasing pain, following a visit to a Boquete chiropractor. I went to Boquete in pain and left in a much worse condition.

The first thing Julio did was perform a complete examination. He had a me stand in front of a wall with a grid on it to be able to visibly see differences in my posture (front and side) and took photos.

Then, when I was on his table, he started by checking tension in various muscles and identifying exact location of discomfort.

In contrast, in Boquete there was just extreme twisting increasing the pain I had. No examination was done.

Julio said many of his patients are people who have visited chiropractors.

By Saturday night, I was feeling much better. This morning I feel even better.

I was considering having a second appointment with Julio, but will wait a couple more days to see if it is necessary.

Most of Julio’s process was to manually relieve stress from the spine via assisting in moving the body as he told me to resist his pressure.

He worked on me for about an hour and the cost was $30.

I have no problem providing a recommendation for Julio. He is Panamanian. He speaks Spanish and speaks minimal English.

6 thoughts on “Thank Goodness For Julio

  1. Robert Watson straightened me out a couple of years ago.
    He worked wonders and I was very sad about his passing.
    I have added Julio to my address book.
    Thank you

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! My husband and I are both dealing with back and neck pain so your post is timely!

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