Another Apple Sierra Problem

The previous problem was that Sierra broke magic Jack. I chose to ignore it because I have MJ installed on my cell phone.

Today, I discovered that Time Machine was not doing its backups. Actually. I probably can’t say this is a Apple Sierra problem, but a problem with SOPHOS AV. It is preventing the Time Machine from running. Unfortunately, I can’t uninstall SOPHOS cleanly, so I am going to have to call Apple for help.

I expect SOPHOS needs to be removed by manually deleting some internal files and I don’t trust myself to do that without Apple on the line.

Hope I can get it resolved tomorrow. Tuesday is my day to watch the Google announcements.

2 thoughts on “Another Apple Sierra Problem

  1. Hi Don, Have you figured out how to wipe out Sophos?
    I too am having problems.
    I can’t transfer my old Time Capsule back ups to a new Time Capsule.

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