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After 50 years of failed embargoes and isolation the US is about to unleash its most obnoxious weapon on Cuba to date…the American tourist.

I used to race motorcycles. Man, those things were a lot faster than me. Now so are bicycles!

Another Heads UP – Multiservicios International de Chiriqui Going Out of Business

I was just forwarded the following message:

For any one that uses Pakya downtown in David. The owner gave me my mail and said no charge and that they are going out of business. I spent the last 2 days contacting my U.S. banks and agencies for my pensions. Pakya has officially transferred the FED EX service to Uno Express if you use fed ex. Also Glenys the pakya employee is working now at Uno express. Just a heads up.

I think I am going to change all of my addresses, that were coming to David, to my daughter’s address in the US. This will be the third time I have had to change mail forwarding addresses and I am tired of it. If anything goes to her that she thinks I need, she can send it to my E-Shop address in Boquete.

I still have my APDO address in David for IRS and SS mail.

Since MultiServicios didn’t contact me, I assume they may not have contacted others.

Now back to changing all my addresses.

Henceforth, an amusing or entertaining quandary shall be referred to as a funundrum.

Time for more Tech Rambling

I first came to Panama in 1993. I toured the canal and saw a lot of Panama City. At that time I said, “Boy am I glad I don’t live there”.

Fast forward.

In 2002, I came to decide if I wanted to live in Panama, after reading the benefits in many publications about how great it would be to live in Boquete. In March of 2003 I moved to Boquete.

That is when I started blogging to give my family in the US a means of knowing I was still alive.

Move forward again and I am in my 14th year in Chiriquí, now living in David. The Internet has changed a lot in that period of time. With the creation of the iPhone, even greater changes have taken place. With the growth of the mobile Internet, we have seen personal computing move from the desktop to the tablet and to the cell phone.

That movement has put competing and network communications in the hands of many that have never touched technology or computers before.

This is a good thing and a bad thing. It is wonderful to have a video chat with your grandchildren, in another country. It is great to be able to check you bank account to see if a payment has been made. It if fantastic to be able to sign on to Amazon and order anything. Continue reading Time for more Tech Rambling

It’s not love until you don’t want them to have a good time without you.

Cutting Corners

A few months ago I convinced Lillim to quite buying $15/month phone cards and start with an Internet plan. She had been using Mas Movil and picked up a $11 plan.

She now enjoys the freedom of having the Internet when she is out and has basically stopped making cell calls. She and her daughters communicate via WhatsApp both by text and voice.

It is getting so that everyone has WhatsApp.

I had been using a contract plan with Claro that cost me $33/month, which basically covered all my phone calls and provided Internet. I had started it several years ago to get a new iPhone.

A couple weeks ago I decided to cancel my old plan and move to a lesser priced option. Mine came in around $16/month and includes some cell time.

Most of my calls are via Internet too so we have reduced our monthly outlay and have more capability. We have a landline phone and never use it. I wouldn’t have it if it wasn’t included with my monthly cable plan.

In today’s world, I would rather have a phone connected to the Internet than one that just makes calls.

Electronics Realities in Panama

It looks like the jury is coming in on my Sharp TV. I had purchased it new from MultiMax about 4 years ago. Of course if you have looked around the technology stores in David, including PriceSmart, they often carry models that are no longer on the shelves in the US. Many models in Panama are never accepted in the US.

When my TV failed, I first went to Electronica Nacional to find out if they repaired Sharp and if not who they recommended. That path took me to about 4 possible shops, but none worked on Sharp.

I decided to take it in to Electronica Nacional and see if they could diagnose the problem. They sent me photos of the model number and a photo of the main board that needed to be replaced.

A search on the Internet located several places listing the board, but all saying “Out of Stock”. I found some used boards on eBay, but all were gone. Continue reading Electronics Realities in Panama