Website Problems

Not sure what is going on with my web host. Another company purchased it a while back and over the last few days the reliability has not been good.

I have had to issue several tickets for it not responding, responding extremely slow.

I try to keep my Status site up to-date, if there is a known outage.

I have a site that monitors my site and notify me if it is down and sometimes I get an email from a reader prior to being notified by my monitor site.

For the moment, CC is back up.

2 thoughts on “Website Problems

  1. We use Bluehost, which seems to be reasonably reliable. We had HostGator, had lots of problems, switched to Bluehost, only to find they had been bought by the same company that owns HostGator.

  2. I have been satisfied with my Web Host. It changed once before and there are always transition problems, but they respond quickly and I would not change without significant reason.

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