Another Heads UP – Multiservicios International de Chiriqui Going Out of Business

I was just forwarded the following message:

For any one that uses Pakya downtown in David. The owner gave me my mail and said no charge and that they are going out of business. I spent the last 2 days contacting my U.S. banks and agencies for my pensions. Pakya has officially transferred the FED EX service to Uno Express if you use fed ex. Also Glenys the pakya employee is working now at Uno express. Just a heads up.

I think I am going to change all of my addresses, that were coming to David, to my daughter’s address in the US. This will be the third time I have had to change mail forwarding addresses and I am tired of it. If anything goes to her that she thinks I need, she can send it to my E-Shop address in Boquete.

I still have my APDO address in David for IRS and SS mail.

Since MultiServicios didn’t contact me, I assume they may not have contacted others.

Now back to changing all my addresses.

14 thoughts on “Another Heads UP – Multiservicios International de Chiriqui Going Out of Business

  1. Are they closed as of today. I have some very important mail coming if they are closed where will my mail end up?

  2. Hi Don what is this APDO address in David for IRS and SS mail. How and where do i go for one of these as well?

  3. That is the Panamanian equivalent of a P.O. Box. I have it at the David Post Office. Hard to get, but you may be able to get your name put on the list.

    That is my real Panama address for all U.S. government agencies.

  4. APDO is the abbreviaton os Apartado postal. you can also use Entrega General to receive correspondence and its free. I have used it.

  5. Hola Noris,
    Have you ever had packages sent from the US where the sender added your telephone number below the address? We used to do this when sending packages to Nena’s mom in Boquete and the post office worker would call her to let her know she had mail.

    We did the same thing with a niece in Panama City and someone there would call and leave a voicemail.
    Fort Worth TX

  6. There myst be an error. Glenys is not with aiebox. Air bix has been and SDtill is a fedex representitve for some services nit all. Just spoke with airbox and they said they didnt take over asny business with pakya. I know glenys.

  7. Thanks for the update. Keep them if you want and they meet your needs. I have changed all my addresses to eliminate them as a provider. They have obviously been passing out mixed communications. The current location was much harder to park than the old location. The news that was published from another site managed to get me off my duff and act.

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