Apple’s Event

OK, I watched Apple’s event yesterday. There were a couple of new items, but nothing that will make me return to Apple cellular.

The new Apple 7 will probably be the best phone out. Great camera, water resistant, no headphone jack, but I don’t swim with my watch, or use headphones often, and Android’s cameras are good enough for me. Plus a good Android can be picked up for 1/2 the price of an Apple.

The Android may not be as good, but it will do what I want it to do and I can afford it.

I am anxious to see Google’s October 4th announcements and have a hunch it will show me my next phone.

There are several things that may be a surprise in Google’s conference, since Google has been shaking up its organization lately.

Apple also showed the new Apple Watch and I can pass on it too. I love my ASUS Android Wear watch and it was SOOOOOO much cheaper.

The thing I want to see Google do is force the Android phone venders to provide better software updates. Currently, Android’s security is a far second to Apple’s, but I still like using Android OS better.

2 thoughts on “Apple’s Event

  1. I just bought my first Andriod phone, when my iPhone 5 died, for 25% the cost of an iPhone. Learning how to use it, not as intuitive as the iPhone, but works just a well and lot’s less expensive.

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