“Hot” Off The Presses

Rumor has it that the new Chiriquí Crematorium has opened. This is great news. When the old one closed, the costs for cremations doubled because it required the funeral homes to transport the body to Panama City.

While I don’t know the prices of the new crematorium, I know it will be cheaper.

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  1. Jose Rogelio Arias, President of Grupo Memorial, was a guest speaker at the Boquete Community Playhouse today and talked about the new facilities in David. It’s a full service mortuary, crematorium and cemetery. The company is located in San Pablo Viejo. Prices quoted were reasonable by US standards. They offer prepaid plans – either lump sum or over a two year payment plan.

    The web site is:
    Tel: 507-775-7371
    or 507-6615-1732

  2. I just tried the link and it failed so I couldnt check the site for information.

    However I had another reader that attended the meeting say that the basic plan was $1,200. The old company charged $600+ including urn and with jubilado discount.

    Obviously this may include a lot more and prices are going up even to die.

  3. The $1200 quoted was for full services, a cremation, preparation and viewing of the body, a memorial service, a rented coffin, etc, etc. Most of this stuff isn’t wanted by gringos. They need to come up with a barebones plan that is just the cremation and a cardboard box. Jose received a lot of feedback from the audience about what they want and he is still refining his service plans and price list. Right now they are still thinking like a Panamanian and serving people with extended families who want a big funeral service and a viewing and all of that.

  4. “Right now they are still thinking like a Panamanian and serving people with extended families who want a big funeral service and a viewing and all of that.”

    Gee, how crass that a business owner would not be sensitive to the needs of >1% of the population of Chiriqui? This is Panama, negotiate your best deal. Recall that the last business like this went under; why would that be? The alternative is to send the body to Panama City plus the return trip. If that alternative is cheaper, use it.

  5. I spoke with Jose after the meeting. I told him that if he were to print a brochure with options, like bare bones service, it would be advantageous to Gringos, as well as the others. He said that he could also arrange for grave markers and vaults. I was impressed by his interest in serving us, according to our needs. I was astonished by the prices, as well. When my husband died in Dec, of ’09, he was buried in his family’s plot, which had been paid for long ago. It cost $500 to ship his body from Oregon to Minneapolis. The airport was 100 miles from our home. Together it cost about $11,000, with a grave liner, rather than a vault and not including a marker. I had called the funeral home that he had wanted, when I knew his death was imminent. They lied about the prices, but when they already had his body, I was stuck. The day of his funeral, it was -42 degrees. I could hardly run around trying to find a deal. I’m relieved for the chance to make pre-arrangements for myself.

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