I Was Wrong – My Next Phone May Not Be a Nexus

I had previously said my next Android phone would be a Nexus. This was based on the fact, that in the past, the Nexus branded Android phones were the first to receive software upgrades and security patches.

The next release of the HTC phone with Android 7 is not expected to have the Nexus name. Google has always been a brand to shift rapidly with little concern as to the effect on users when it came to software packages. You just have to look at Google+ and Hangouts to see examples.

I had been following Google’s unusual cell phone network in the US called Project Fi. If I were in the US, it is probably the network I would chose. The network was only available to owners of Nexus devices.

In fact, Google had even sold Nexus phones at a substantial discount, if you purchased one when you joined the Project Fi network. I had considered having my daughter sign up on Project Fi, just to get the phone, keep it a month and cancel the service and send me the phone. Another advantage of Project Fi was that there was no contract.

I vaguely remember seeing somewhere that the promotion on Nexus phones, purchased in combination with joining Project Fi, expired in mid September. I always figured this was because of the new product releases that are pending.

Now I am not sure what to think, but it has sure made the HTC announcement much more interesting.

For users of the Project Fi network, it should also be interesting to see if that project takes a new direction, ends or just adds new supported phones. I don’t think it is going to end.

My next phone could still be a Nexus. The new announcements may cause a large drop in the previous models prices. I have no problem buying a previous model that was still a fantastic device. The key for me is to get a phone that I know is going to get fast releases to Googles new software and patches.

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