Not A Great Day – And Yet Better Than It Could Have Been

This morning I needed to run to Boquete to take care of an Embassy case. We left a little early because we needed to run by the bank first. A block from the house, I hear this noise and it sounds like a tire.

Sure enough, I had a flat. I pulled to the side of the road and pulled out the spare and jacked up the car. Then I couldn’t get the lug nuts to budge. As luck would have it, a Panamanian stopped and was wearing heavy duty boots and was able to jump on the lug wrench and loosened the nuts. Whew. Lilliam gave him $5 for his assistance.

Went to the bank on the mini spare and then to a tire repair place next to the new Super 99. The tire fellow pulled out a large nail and patched the tire. He asked Lilliam for $3 and she gave him $4.

Then off to Boquete to pick up items for the Embassy for a US citizen that had died.

Found out that my car wasn’t large enough to get all the items in one trip, so will have to get a friend with an SUV to go with me the next week.

On the trip, my LG G4 cell phone decided to die. It had been causing me problems for several days and today it gave up the ghost. I had been researching its problem on the Internet and had seen that the International version of my phone had the problem I was having.

When I ordered from Amazon, the international version was all that was available. I thought nothing about it because I haven’t had problems with this type of device in years. Well, live and learn. Never order an international cell phone from Amazon. They always list the international versions as without warranty.

The next generation of phones are going to be announced in the next couple months. I was hoping mine would hold out until the new ones were here. However, it didn’t work out that way.

With all the Embassy calls, emails, magic Jack calls and WhatsApp messages, I can’t be without a phone.

I decided to buy the cheapest Android I could with the hopes it would last until I see what is the next generation offers. I found a BLU M2 for $75 and knew it would be limited. I have it running with the bare minimum apps I can get by with. At least I have WhatsApp, Magic Jack and email. that is it.

My next Android will be a Nexus. Don’t know which one until I see what is announced and compare the prices to see what I can afford.

Thinking about the day, I was really lucky. If the flat had happened on the road to Boquete, I could have destroyed the tire and rim before I knew I had a problem. And my phone would not have worked so I would not have been able to call anyone. A cell phone is like they used to say about American Express. Don’t leave home without it. In my case, I don’t want to leave home without the Internet either.

Then the last item for the day was a typical Panama experience. I needed to replace the toilet seat on three toilets in the house. I had bought one at one store and it was too small. This time I took the old seat with me. It took a third stop before we found the right size. Great!

head for home and I took out the one the fellow had used to compare with the old and got it ready to instal and noticed that it was missing the two nuts that secure it in place. Said. “Well S&#@“ because that was appropriate for the task I was on.

Went and grabbed the next box and it had all the parts. Two out of the three I bought were fine and that is a pretty good percentage for my luck today. Another trip to Npvey will solve the problem.

The day is almost over and I thought nothing else could go wrong. Lilliam had just lowered the blinds and as she was coming back to the couch, she asked if I was passing gas. Anytime there is a foul oder, it has to be me. Not guilty this time.

Looked back at the blinds and noticed a gecko on the blind. It had obviously been there when Lilliam rolled the blinds up in the morning and died. My job was to peal the dead critter off the blind and dispose of it.

I am closing my eyes to any other problem today. As far as I am concerned, this day has ended.

13 thoughts on “Not A Great Day – And Yet Better Than It Could Have Been

  1. On the plus side, you were lucky to get all the bad luck out of the way on one day. I think you are good to go for a while now?

    The gecko had a far worse day. 🙂


  2. Well, I always simply say, WELCOME TO PANAMA. I am not dependent on Iphones and never take a computer with me. I love geckos. Hope the critters survive next time. Flats happen. You are surrounded by friends and a loving wife. You have what you need and it is best to remember what is important.. Health, family, faith, and friends are what are important. Without these things, you have nothing at all. Today will be a better day.

  3. Love your story! I too now have a Blu phone. Got a Blu Studio XL, 6 inch. Put a 128 GB SD card in it. Got it from Amazon about a year ago. Love it! So far so good! Glad you had a happy ending. Now have a glass of milk & a piece of cheese!

  4. After Google released 5.t of Android, it has competed very well with Apple. Current Android hardware is beating Apple in my opinion. If I were in the US, I would have a Nexus device and be using the Project Fi network. I sold my Apple TVs and gave my grandkids my Apple MacMinis. I am down to an Apple iPad Air 2 and a MackBook Pro. I also have an Nvidia Shield tablet, so the migration away from Apple is well along.

  5. Just this year got a 6.s gave Shirley my ms phone. Due to all but one in the family on apple phones I gave in. So far I have adjusted and do like some of the Apple family features

    Home computer still an hp never was a stein Apple fan when we were at EDS as you know. The older I get the less complicated technology I wish to mess with.

  6. Where did you buy the BLU M2. I am thinking this phone may work for me on an upcoming trip to the US using Zipsim. The requirement is an unlocked smartphone. Thank you for all the tech tips.

  7. I bought it at the PanaFoto. I think it is alwo at MultiMax. I can use 2 SIMs, but has a small amount of memory. It is bare minimun, but is running Android 6.0.

  8. Re: overtight lug nuts. Often they are improperly installed with air impact wrenches and way over torqued. This causes hard to remove and possible damage/cracking to alloy rims. I check mine with a torque wrench. Or have mechanic do it. Important, as sometimes a lug wrench won’t work when you most need it.

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