Entrepan Revisited

Since my first visit to Entrepan, I have revisited several times. It has become my go to place for sandwiches. Entrepan has one of the best, if not the best, hamburgers in David. Luis uses a special butcher to provide him with quality beef.

I have had several different sandwiched now and two recent ones are shown on this post.

On my last visit, two of us also tried Luis’s desserts. I had the brownie and it was fantastic. The other dessert shown is the ice-cream sandwich. Luis prepares everything in this restaurant from scratch, including the bread, to insure it is fresh and tastes great.

So many different types of sandwiches, each representing a sandwich as prepared in its country of origin. I have had one from Cuba and one from France and a good old USA hamburger. All great and more to be tried.

If you drop in, Chef Luis will be the one in the kitchen. Tell him you heard about Entrepan from Chiriquí Chatter.


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