Renault in David

Yesterday, I stopped by the new Renault dealer in David. It is in the Chiriquí Center close to Verona Pizza.

I was especially impressed with the KOLEOS model. It and the DUSTER look like they will give other SUVs in the city competition. I liked the KOLEOS better than Lilliam’s Honda CRV. If I were in the SUV market, the Renault would be on my list to consider.

If you stop in to Renault of David, tell Janice that you heard about this dealership on Chiriquí Chatter.

10 thoughts on “Renault in David

  1. I stopped in there a couple of weeks ago looking for a part. She said the parts house wasn’t stocked yet and would be another month.

  2. I remember when Renault tried to re-enter the US market that their ad was something along the lines of “a new Renault for those who swore they would never buy another one.” I have driven a few in Europe and they were pretty good cars. I learned to drive as a kid in a Renault Dauphine.

    The absolute worse car that I have ever experienced after the Dodge Swinger back in the 70’s was the Vauxhall ( experienced two of them in the UK a couple of summers ago). It was like going back to the total lack of quality we used to see in the states back in the 60’s thru the 80’s. The Vauxhall just fell apart a little at a time. I had never heard of this brand before but hope to never drive one again.

  3. If that comment is intended to be brand sensitive, it should be understood that getting back on the road in any part of Panama following a breakdown, is iffy. I have known people with all brands having to wait weeks for parts.

    This is one of the reasons that bringing a car from the US to Panama is not recommended. If a car is manufactured to US standards, then it may contain parts that are not available in Panama.

  4. The replacement parts problem leads to some interesting fabrication work for cars. I have had new brake linings riveted to old shoes, new friction material bonded to clutch plates, 2 foot coolant bypass hoses when the 2 inch molded hose wasn’t available, oversize aluminum pistons for hydraulic clutches turned down to fit the cylinder, and all manner of wiring rerouted to bypass bad switches.

    What they lack in parts, the mechanics make up for in creativeness. Of course, the 3rd or 4th guy to work on the car has it especially bad if he can’t figure out what the first 2 guys did but he will no doubt invent something.

    It helps if the owner isn’t picky about Chevy parts in a Mitsubishi. 🙂

  5. Renault dealer in Panama City will ship parts over night. I have bought quite a few from Luis Blanco.

  6. Jim — There are probably no better mechanics on the planet than those in Cuba. They’ve kept those American cars from the 50s rolling on the roads in spite of everything…

  7. Amen to that, Richard! And not just rolling but looking great, too. Fidel may have been a hero to the people, but ’57 Chevys rule the island. 🙂

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