Last Meal At Smokin Mamma’s

No I do not mean the most recent meal at Smokin Mama’s, I mean it is the last meal I plan on having there.

I had intended on eating at Verano’s Pizza, but I had forgotten the hours of service and it was closed.

Verona's Hours
Verona’s Hours

I decided I would go to Pizza Hut, but as I passed Smokin Mamma’s, I thought that it had been a long time since I was there and I stopped.

The menu looked larger and before I found the burgers, I saw a brisket sandwich. I love good brisket and that is what I ordered.

When it came out, it looked great. Nice looking bun, cheese and peppers falling out of the bun and a smokey odor that really made me start salivating.


I cut it in half and took a bite. The meat, in the first bite, was tough. The second bite was just as tough and the meat was over cooked. I managed to eat half, but told myself it would not be smart to eat the second half.

I opened the bun to get a better look. the first thing I saw was two huge pieces of sliced fat. Neither was not connected to other meat, so it had to be placed on the sandwich intentionally.

I inspected the rest of the meat and knew that my decision to only eat half was wise.

To say the least, I was more than a little disappointed. The waitress was pleasant and did a good job. I tipped her $2 on my $10 bill to avoid waiting for change.

There are other good burger places in David, so there is no reason for me to back. The next time I need a burger, I ‘ll go back to Beef or Mezcla Gourmet.

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  1. You know, what was once good and the impressions have been made (like this one from the past), they need to make $$$$$$ like anyone else…..and I’m sure that they do a steady business but, maybe not as steady as one (like us) might believe/think? The Co$t of materials, the rest of the Overhead $$$$$ can become too much…..JUST MY BEST GUESS!
    So, thanks for the tip……have a great day.
    Ron y Bedalia

  2. Ron, you are completely correct. A large amount of the small business profit is lost because of having to provide the pensionado discount and getting no compensation from the government when they pay taxes. This a problem caused by a bad law and those that take advantage of it. I normally don’t use a discount unless I see that the prices have been adjusted to account for it.

    Then the business has to decide how to just to make money. It either reduces quality, raises prices or maybe both. This typical leads to the closure of another small business.

    Also the management has to stay involved to insure the products delivered meets with its expectations. I cannot believe that management would have allowed the meat I had to be served.

  3. Unfortunately ….. this is the game that we all play…… we all want something for nothing unless of course, it is for ourselves. My wife is Panamanian, though she attended Uni. of Ill, Chicago because her GrandMother sent her to live with an Aunt when my wife was 17 years old. Three different degrees from U of I, Chicago, and another two from USC , all in education. On the other hand, I have just one BSEE …. we have 4 children, 11 grandchildren and my wife -here in Panama – has over 50 relatives that we enjoy being around and celebrating with now that my wife are both retired (Me-72/Her….I better not tell LoL … ).
    thanks for your quick reply. We also do not take all of our Senior discounts, but, those relatives that live here since the beginning, do….We have a little better standard of living they my wives relatives do. we don’t mind…..

    Ron y Bedalia

  4. I do take the discount on all franchised businesses. Their business plan has it built in and are not at risk as the small owners are.

  5. I never ask a pensionado-discount in a restaurant as I feel ashamed to do it, knowing that the restaurant has to pay it out of their own pocket. The senior discount is intended for the (poor) locals, not for (wealthy) foreigners. I think that we must all respect and recognize that also small businesses must make a profit in order to survive and maintain quality. Let’s be honest, we foreigners donot need a pensionado restaurant discount. Live and let live, I think this attitude will surely make us foreigners more welcome in small restaurants.

  6. Well, I would disagree with a little of what you have stated. The government promotes the discount as incentive to come to Panama. It is the government’s problem that it does not allow the business proprietor to receive credit on their earnings.

    Second, you would be surprised how many people wind up being enticed to come to Panama that are not wealthy gringos. You might also be surprised to learn that a large portion of the Panamanians that take the discount are not “poor”.

    I never feel ashamed for taking something that I am entitled to and still I don’t take it at mom and pop establishments that are providing comida tipica. However, I would always take it at the Panamonte or other restaurants in Boquete that have jacked up their prices to account for the higher number of gringo clients.

    I never use the pensionado discount on airfares going outside of Panama because I can get better rates on the Internet. I have often not asked for pensionado discounts in hotels because I have also found Internet rates beat the pensionado rates.

    I always take the discount on pharmacy.

    Restaurants, I pick and choose based on their business and their prices. I guarantee, I would take a discount on a $35 steak at Beef.

  7. I think most of you have missed the point. The senior discount is not the issue, this is just an unscrupulous business operator. He would use this same tactic with or without a pensionado discount. Both small and chain business operators have figured the discount into their prices.

    They have learned very well from corporate America. A couple of good examples; Spirit Airlines, who makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year on just luggage surcharges. Then Wal Mart sells cheap Chinese junk. In Latin America they take it to a new level, they sell to Latin America the US rejects and seconds at US prices.

    So, as you can see, they have some great teachers. We brought this upon ourselves.

  8. Went to have lunch at Smoking Momma’s. I order the brisket wrap it appeared to be large. After the second bit and no meat I decided to opening it up and look inside for the meat.
    Total meat was less them a tablespoon and the hair look like more then the meat. I call the
    waitress over should her that there was no meat on it to speak of and that there was hair in the wrap. Understand I had taken two bites and only got lettuce and flour wrap I hope . She took it back remove the hair and brought it back there was two bites were out just like before. I explain that I was not going to eat it and bring me a bill for the others eating. They still charge me for the wrap knowing that I sent it back for another that they did not replace . The food is pure trash and the restaurant has unclean habits . I DO NOT recommend eating anything from Smoking Mamma’s ever. And your right the little meat that was there so tough and dry you could not or want to try to eat it. TRASH TOTALLY

  9. Don the next time you are in Boquete try Juice me for a good burger. They have other things that are good as well, but the burger is one of our favorites. The owners name is David and he does a good job of giving good service. He is located on the side across from Bank National.

  10. I don’t get up to Boquete often (Usually when I am going to EShop), however, I had heard there was a good burger place there. Maybe that is it. Thanks for the recommendation.

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