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Are you watching the 2016 Olympics. Last night’s opening was unique. I couldn’t find it in English on Cable Onda and decided to try KODI. It took some doing, but I finally located the Olympics.

Today I have been watching several events. Boxing, women’s basketball, rowing, and one of my favorite sports Table Tennis.


On Kodi, I have about 20+ different events I can watch which means I can watch what I want and not just a single channel. I got to see the US Women win the Air Rifle. Who knew that air rifle was a sport.

The best thing is there are no Zika mosquitos buzzing around me.

4 thoughts on “Are you Watching

  1. Enjoy your olympics, Don Ray.

    I’ll be watching Suelta el Wichi tonight, so there!!

    One question, why the constant surprise police road blocks here?

    I have owned homes in Puerto Rico, Spain, the Dominican, and CR…never experienced anything like this…. In CR on a Saturday night maybe, but nothing like this.

  2. Random spot checks of driver docs. I’m certain you have experienced it.

    I live near USMA, and they will have one near the entrance about once a week. This am they had one.

    Not a problem, as finally reached ss age, and have residence.

    Had a CR residence 15 years ago with private pension.

    ps Keep up the great work…you are a Prince, sir.

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