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Are Your Shields Up?

As I have said many times, when you move to Panama you are going to be dependent on the Internet for many reasons one of which is keeping up with family. You are probably going to need WiFi in your residents to connect your laptop or other smart devices such as Amazon Smart Fire TVs or Fire Sticks.

Maybe you use your local router for apps on your smart phone such as Whatsapp or Magic Jack.

If you do any of that, are your shields up?

I have mentioned that I have started listing to Security Now every week and recently visited one of the product sites of Steve Gibson, who is the author of Spin Rite. This site will test your router security.

In this series of pages, it references a broadcast on Security Now that discussed why you need to be concerned about your home networks security. If you have a local network in your house, i.e. a router connection to other devices including WiFi device, it would be worth watching this youtube video.

Word of the day is get your Shields Up!

A Problem Panama Really Needs To Fix

Trash is one of the problems that Panama needs to fix. This morning they focused on it on the news, but having it on the TV every now and then doesn’t help.

The culture of the country needs to change. It is easy to drive on the highway and see the car in front roll down the window and throw their fast food sack out of the window.

Here is a photo in Cinta Costera, which is a large tourist area in Panama City. People go out on the weekend to have fun and leave their trash behind to be picked up by others.

And this doesn’t compare to others areas in the city or country as shown by the following photos.

When we drive from David to the Frontera, we usually pass several locations on the highway where people have dumped their trash. It isn’t as bad as the photos above, but still is a cultural problem that should be fixed.

Trash encourages mosquitos and mosquitos bring in Dengue and Zika. There needs to be a “Don’t Mess With Panama” campaign so that more people would take an interest in beautifying this country.

Just added ‘Wandering Around the Parking Lot Looking for My Car’ as another Track Exercise on my Fitbit.

I do my best to have a meaningful discussion with my daughter but its difficult because I am not that good at emojis.

Items for Caregivers

I received a request to post the following.

My husband passed away 2 weeks ago, and I have a lot of things for caring for him that I am now trying to sell.

I have two almost new items, a fully electric hospital bed purchased at Hogar y Salud (used only 3 weeks): $1,200

A mobility scooter that comes apart into 4 pieces so it can be carried easily in a car. The scooter was used only 3 or 4 times. It goes up slopes and includes an extra battery: $1,275

Other equipment: A commode/shower chair, $75;, a bath lift chair for people who want to use a bath tub but can’t sit down or stand up by themselves, $375; a bath tub hand hold and 2 suction cup hand holds, $20; and 3 ramps made for thresholds and bumpy places to allow a wheelchair or scooter to pass easily, $75 for all three.

Other care items:
261 overnight, extended wear diapers that allow a person to go all through the night without a change. I shipped these in, because they are not available in Panama, $200

136 special pads that extend the capacity of ordinary diapers by 11 to 14 oz, . These also are not available in Panama, $20 for all.

Two bed pads with handles that allow a caregiver to turn a patient easily. These are much better than draw sheets, because they don’t hurt the caregiver’s hands, $50 for two.

If you know anybody who would be interested in these items, please have them call me at 6517-3921