Chromecast in Panama

I was just at the MultiMax in Plaza Terronal. I noticed that they are carrying Chromecast for $49. That is about a 40% increase of the price in the US.

However if you were going to order it from the US, you would probably pay the savings in postage to get it hear, so I guess that $49 is a reasonable price.

I would have bought one to play with for $35, but not $49. I have to think it would be a good alternative to the Amazon Fire Stick I use to run KODI and KODI is available in the Google Play Store, so installing KODI should be very easy.

Those wanting to try KODI in Chiriquí now have another source.

12 thoughts on “Chromecast in Panama

  1. Google is offering at $35.00. I assume you downloaded it? Not even sure what is it all about… Pls explain?

  2. It is a physical device (therefore no download – have to wait until the Enterprise technology arrives and you can been it down)) that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV to convert it into a smart TV. For Panama, it would be perfect for installing KODI.

    The link was in the post, incase others missed it.

  3. Don; Would you like me to bring one down for you? Walmart sells it for $30.00 + tax it is the 2nd generation model. Bringing one already for us and an extra Fire stick too for others…We arrive in David next week.

    Bill n JanaLee

  4. Don this if off the subject buy I really need a licensed electrician to fill out the paperwork for our power to be connected in our container. Do you know of anyone and how I could reach them? My Spanish is limited. please email me pamscounseling at

  5. A Chromecast can receive input via one of the horde of
    Chromecast-enabled applications. Many (but not all)
    of those apps are listed at: .

    Or the screen (with its associated audio) of a
    controlling device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.)
    can be mirrored to a Chromecast lock, stock and barrel.

    Bearing in mind that screen mirroring performance
    varies with the performance of the local wifi network
    and that of the device whose screen is being mirrored
    and heaven only knows what other variable,
    KODI (in my environment) does as well (or as poorly)
    as any other similarly mirrored application.

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