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  1. A lot of people don’t use the Panamanian Banking Systems. The Embassy should know this. Maybe there are “other” types of Cheques that are easy to aquire but I don’t know. Seems the Embassy staff would travel with the Marine Guards in Tow if they fear getting robbed. They have never been robbed to my knowledge before.

    I think the Embassy staff did a great job the other day at the Hotel Ciudad and I was done in 5 minutes signing up for Medicare. Also, this has to be a decision by the new ambassador.

    And, he helped me with a Veteran Administration problem Personally. He answered my email personally and he talked with the VA for me. And, I got an email from the VA within ONE HOUR here in Panama. So, he is a good ambassador. I just feel like this was a knee jerk decision. I hope he will rescind his decision.

    It took me an hour to get a money order and we had to use my girl friends account for a money order. The money order I speak of was FOR the Panamanian Consulate in Miami for paper work I needed for my Pensionado. They would NOT accept anything but a money order and it had to be on the Bank Of New York. Crazy. Banco Nacional have these money orders buy you MUST have an account with them to obtain one. Not all banks in Panama have the New York based money orders. I sent them a personal check on a bank in Florida that I do business with and they emailed me back and said. No deal. To start with, “they do not advertise the use of a New York Based Bank Money Order for payment.” So, I jumped through all of the hoops at Banco Nacional with my girlfriend and send it to them. The sent my Florida Check back in the DHL package with my norarized papers. So,they had the return DHL envelop already and just waited for the money order. I just had to pay DHL another $50 to send them the money order.

    Hopefully the Ambassador will consider a smoother transitioning and maybe work with the Panamanian ConsulateS across the U.S. to make money matters a little easier.

  2. It is so easy. If you are required to pay outside the country for example to Miami, they ask for a money order or IMO which is an international money order. The reason is that it clears faster than a regular check and also prevents bouncing personal checks.

    if your transaction is here, lets say the Embassy, you are required a certified check instead of a personal check. This guarantees the check has funds and wont bounce. There is a Bank Managers Check or Cheque de Gerencia, which pretty much the same as a certified check. YOu give the bank the money, the bank issues a banks check this guarantees the check wont bounce. the certified is the same it certifies that the funds have been held and the check wont bounce or the visa being declined, which happens a lot of times and its very costly to both the embassy and the individual becuase the bank charges both when a check bounces. Bouncing checks also occur a lot in the US and it costs time and money. It has nothing to do with Panamas banking system or the worlds banking system. It is the embassys requirement period. leave panama and its systems alone. please open your minds and do what you are required to do, period again.

  3. Why can’t a person send cash via DHL with their passport renewal to the US Embassy? I think maybe cash is sent via Fletes Chaveles all the time. Both are secure I think. We are not talking huge sums here.

  4. The last word I had from the Embassy was not to send cash. Feel free to contact the Embassy. Their directions seem pretty clear,

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