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I just noticed a post on Tom McCormack’s FaceBook page. I felt it was worth a huge AttaBoy from Chiriquí Chatter.

Our last container #17 has just about been delivered to areas of need. To date more than 3000 wheelchairs, more than 3000 walkers, more than 4000 pairs of crutches and around 100 home hospital beds. We just fit number # 392 new prosthetic leg. Hundreds of breast prothesis and wigs, thousands of glasses and lots of hearing aids. Still going strong.
Thomas L. and Linda J.McCormack Foundation.Thanks to all our volunteers in Panama and U.S.A.

You may remember on my Container 17 post, that TVN was here filming the process. They were here again this week doing more followup for  A Panama Hero promotion. Those nominated will be awarded $8,000 for their good work. The winner will be awarded $30,000, if I understand correct.

Obviously everyone in Chiriquí already recognizes that Tom is a hero, but it would be nice to see his foundation pull in the $30K. Think of all the people that Tom would help with that money.

Chiriquí Chatter thinks there is no more deserving winner. Let’s hope that TVN decides the same in December.

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  1. Don— Are the containers for humanitarian work, only or is this a person or organization that could bring things for individuals? There are so many things not readily available in Panama. If there is space in these shipments, could people pay a fair share to bring these items for personal use or for the use of others? This might help Tom and his organization as well as individuals. Dee

  2. As you may have seen in the referenced post, Tom brought a lot of items for the Boquete Knitters who do community work. I am sure Tome will respond to anyone that writes him. I think he has contact info on his foundation’s site. If not contact me and I will put you in touch with him.

  3. I can respond to Dee.I don’t bring anything for individuals.All my humanitarian items enter Panama without paying taxes,so I must be very careful .

    Tom McCormack

  4. What a wonderful thing you are doing, Tom. Would love to help when we move to Panama this fall if you need it. We’ll be in Playa Las Lajas.

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