No Parking For Thieves

I have been meaning to post the following photo for some time.

To reduce crime in the night hours, the shopping center, in front of Super Market Rey, has closed off the back parking area to prevent it from being used by thieves to scout potential victims. The back area is now closed for parking from 9:30 PM until 9:30 AM.

5 thoughts on “No Parking For Thieves

  1. Nothing New… is a world wide problem that criminals sleep during the day so the can take advantage of others after dark. 12 hours dark, 12 hours light….figure out ones schedule to insure you’re not there for their enjoyment(s). (;-<) Ron retired UC PD USA….

  2. Put those one way tire shredder barriers in. Kinda like those roach motel traps. At least the thugs will be on foot after that. 🙂

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