I received the following and felt it was worthwhile to post it for everyone’s knowledge. eShop is the company I have faith in for all of my orders from the US.

Recently there has been a problem as is explained in eShop’s email to the clients.

I have used several mail forwarding companies in Chiriqui and there is none that have compared with eShop.

If you move to Panama, you have to expect problems to come up that are annoying. Talk to Tom McCormack and listen to all the problems he has had dealing with customs and getting his containers held up costing him thousands of dollars for medical supplies he donates to those in need in Chiriqui.

You can get upset and change mail forwarding providers. I have orders on the way that I am expecting and wouldn’t trust them with any other service.

eShop’s email follows.

TO:  eShop Clients
FROM:  Karinthia Lamastus de Garcia, Manager
I am sending this email in order to clarify to all our clients the situation of a shipment that is being held at customs in Panama City since June 21.  I will also address some concerns and rumors that have appeared on some Internet websites recently.
On the week of June 20th to the 24th, every single shipment that was forwarded into the country got held by the Panamanian authorities–not just eShop Boquete packages– but everyone, including big companies like FedEx and UPS and the forwarding companies that serve Boquete. The reason for their action is they found cash, arms, drugs and ivory in another company’s shipment. As a result, the customs authorities gave an order to have all incoming shipments held for inspection.
Unfortunately, this is a situation that is out of our hands but of course it directly affects us. I went personally to Panama City this past Wednesday to talk with the authorities to see exactly what they were doing and how long it will take for us to have our packages released. We were told that all shipments were inspected and that the Director will sign the release form between today and tomorrow.  Once this is done, we pay our taxes and are good to go. Even knowing that we are dealing with the government, I hope the shipments will be here not later than next Wednesday.  If that is not the case, I will provide a further update on the situation.    For those of you who have packages caught in this “hold”, we thank you for your patience and understanding.
The last few days I’ve been hearing about and reading concerns, rumors and some untruths posted locally about the situation I just described and the eShop service.   A number of these were posted by persons who do not even use our service or whose identities are unknown to me. I would like to ask to all of our clients to not believe everything you read or hear.  As always, if you have questions or concerns about our business or the service we provide, I encourage you to contact me personally.  I will not respond on open internet forums. 
For now, I can only answer with the following facts:
1.      eShop Boquete is NOT going out of business.
2.      eShop Boquete does NOT hold packages
3.      eShop Boquete has NOT increased rates since it opened in 2013
4.      eShop Boquete does NOT hide their prices – a price list is available on request.
5.      eShop Boquete does NOT make up excuses or give false information about the service it provides.
6.      eShop Boquete WILL notify its clients as quickly as possible of any substantive changes to the business or the service.
Thanks to all of our clients who keep trusting in us, who believe in us and speak up in favor of us. We do know your names, and if I can’t remember your name, I do remember your face. None of you are just a number at our office–you are part of our eShop.  If you ever have any questions about us or our service, please do not hesitate to email, phone, or visit in person.  We are here to help you and we value your input and time. 
Best regards,
Karinthia Lamastus de Garcia
eShop Boquete
Tel.: 730-9545
WhatsApp.: 6496-4596

11 thoughts on “An FYI

  1. They have been my provider of choice since they opened in 2013. Class act and family run…and always responsive, friendly and helpful.

  2. eShop has brought in several large and/or heavy shipments for at a more than fair price and in less time than any other forwarder that I have used. Believe me, I have tried quite a few and none have the service that eShop provides.

  3. I have tried all three providers in Boquete and while I have no problems with the other two, E-shop provides a fair and quick service. It is obvious that the family works hard to make the business what it is and they are very concerned that they “get things right”. An excellently run business and a pleasure to deal with.

  4. Yes, I am quite happy with E shop and will not change. I suppose the ‘drugs’ mentioned in her e-mail referred to prescription drugs and not illegal drugs.

  5. We have lived in Chiriqui for 4years and have had prescription drugs sent from the US on numerous occasions. We had no problems getting our medication when going through eshop. We have, however, had delays and extra charges with our other provider because we had to sign a form stating we were not going to distrubute them and then that had to be signed by something like the minister of health…not sure the correct name.That took an extra two weeks. While we buy the prescriptions we can here we find some of them much more expensive here or not available.

  6. Dear all,

    I would like to extend my appreaciation to everyone of you who support us and trust in us.
    We have no problem with prescriptions or medications.
    BTW, by drugs we meant illegal ones, this past Thursday they found more in a new shipment.
    For those who like to bring in silver and gold coins and air guns or any type of guns please get in touch with us in advance (before ship them) as the procedures have change from now on.
    Any questions dont hesitate to contact me.

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