Are Your Shields Up?

As I have said many times, when you move to Panama you are going to be dependent on the Internet for many reasons one of which is keeping up with family. You are probably going to need WiFi in your residents to connect your laptop or other smart devices such as Amazon Smart Fire TVs or Fire Sticks.

Maybe you use your local router for apps on your smart phone such as Whatsapp or Magic Jack.

If you do any of that, are your shields up?

I have mentioned that I have started listing to Security Now every week and recently visited one of the product sites of Steve Gibson, who is the author of Spin Rite. This site will test your router security.

In this series of pages, it references a broadcast on Security Now that discussed why you need to be concerned about your home networks security. If you have a local network in your house, i.e. a router connection to other devices including WiFi device, it would be worth watching this youtube video.

Word of the day is get your Shields Up!

4 thoughts on “Are Your Shields Up?

  1. Ji Patrick. I prefer programs referred to by Steve Gibson. In many of his broadcasts he has warned of sites used to deny your vulnerabilities. The one you mention is probably OK, but if Steve doesn’t recommend it, I don’t use it.

  2. Well Don, my wifi denied any access. Didn’t know it was protected this good. The test site checked it quickly on my PC. Now I’ll go and check my settings on the router. lol

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