4 thoughts on “For Norton and Symantec users

  1. It has been my experience that both the Norton/Symantec products along with the McAfee products are two of the absolute worst. Most computers that I am called upon to clean due to infections and intrusions have one of these two programs. Both of these also cause large performance issues, making the computer run extremely slow.

    Many people like some of the free Anti-Virus versions of Avast or AVG. In my opinion, while certainly much better than the Norton/Symantec products, they do not give the best protection. All of my clients receive Eset Anti-Virus as I have found the both Eset and Kaspersky to be the top two products in this category. Eset has a slightly lower performance impact than Kaspersky but both are excellent Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware products.

  2. I found that both of these products were so bad at slowing my system down that they were useless. Also I used one to clean up my computer and it almost totally ruined my computer to the point that I had to reinstall everything which was an awful experience.

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