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If you start smacking people with your wife’s purse she won’t ask you to hold it for her anymore

When a man says ‘fine’ he means the battle is over. When a woman says ‘fine’ the war is just beginning.

Me last night: Goodnight.
Brain: Pssst.
Me: What?
Brain: What disease do you think we have?

Seasons Restaurant – Boquete

I received a request to post the following:

Seasons Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of the emerald green highlands of Boquete, Panama, a surprising culinary jewel has emerged. Season Restaurant, the signature feature of the newly opened clubhouse of Lucero Golf & Country Club brings fine dining to a new level.

A native of New York and Panamanian resident, Season Executive Chef Craig Jacobs, draws on influences from his travels to countries as far as Northern Thailand and as close as Cuba and Peru to create menu that is as committed to fresh season ingredients as it is to change. “Seasons will be ever changing,” said Chef Jacobs, “I will modify the menu using what is fresh and in season. We will have a farm-to-table concept and we are starting to plant many ingredients onsite.”

It’s hard to imagine a more fitting environment for exploring Chef Craig’s international fusion menu than the pool side dining deck, or Season’s breezy indoor dining room, which is an equally enticing spot to meet for a drink or to entertain those out-of-town guests who are sure to arrive once word of Chef Craig’s Seasons Restaurant gets out.

Seasons Restaurant, located in La Estrella, Jaramillo, in Boquete, will open its doors on July 18th, and will be open Wednesdays through Mondays from 11:30am to 9pm.

When I was working, I stopped people from stealing my lunch by labeling it “Stool Sample.”

Being misunderstood is an art and apparently I should open a gallery.

Security Now

As I mentioned before, I have invested in some new hardware, one being the Amazon Echo Dot, and as a result, I have begun educating myself on new security issues in the IoT world.

A really good YouTube series called Security Now is published weekly by Steve Gibson, who I know from the past since I have used his SpinRite software to check hard drives.

I have watched several of the videos and will watch many more. Each video is over two hours long. You need to have a technology bent to enjoy this sort of thing. However, if you are planning on using any of the new IoT devices that are being offered, then having an understanding of the problems with security in the new devices might be worthwhile.

For example, one of the things that was covered in the following video told of a person buying some of the new video baby monitors and deciding he didn’t want it and returning it. At a later date, he received an email that motion had been detected on his camera. Since he had returned his cameras, he was curious.

He signed onto his old account and was able to watch the new owners in their house. Scary.

If you have that technology interest to learn about the IoT problems, try watching this video cast. It may prevent you from buying some products or at minimum alter your behavior in using them.

No matter how stupid you feel, remember, Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t figure out a talking wolf in drag wasn’t her grandmother