Nvidia Shield K1 Update

I mentioned in a past post that I had purchased the Nvidia K1 as my first Android tablet. It came delivered with the Android 5.1. While the Android 6.0 system was available for upgrade immediately, I elected to hold off.

I had read the Nvidia forums and had seen that those that had taken the upgrade, were having terrible problems to the point that many returned the device for refund.

Recently, the forums have changed, after over 6 months of bitter complaining, to saying the new updates were working well.

After watching for a week, I decided to upgrade. It four hours to install the two updates. It went smoothly and is operating well. None of the problems, previously mentioned, are present.

I still feel that the Nvidia Shield K1 is a good tablet and certainly much cheaper than the similar sized iPad minis.

This post was written on the Nvidia Shield K1.

2 thoughts on “Nvidia Shield K1 Update

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  2. I am always a half step back and to the left, I JUST this morning I did 6.0.1 on a Samsung Tab A. Seems to be working fine but the color scheme changed. One observation: I run the power saving mode and now I have that banner showing at the top with no way to cancel it other than shutting off power saving mode. There is probably a way but I haven’t looked at it yet, still too much yardwork to finish.
    (And no, I haven’t installed KODI STILL! Maybe next week, though?) 🙂

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