Tom McCormack’s Container #17 – Arrives June 30

I just received the following message from Tom McCormack. His latest container should unload Thursday (June 30) around 8AM. Here is a link to a previous container unloading.

Hi Don,
Last news. The driver of the mula is in line waiting to be loaded first thing in the morning.

So you can announce that the loading will start 8AM at the bodaga beside IFARU on Thursday. Any changes will be announced.
Thanks Don Spent all day today with a film crew from TVN.They are waiting to film the unloading.

9 thoughts on “Tom McCormack’s Container #17 – Arrives June 30

  1. The man will have head of the line priviledges at the pearly gates. If he needs to get anything to the Handicap Foundation this time, just have him call Ross and I will pickup and deliver the stuff. 6838 0894 I will make it happen.

  2. The Embassy should recognize Tom for his many contributions to the Panamanian people. It would not only give him the recognition due him, but it might inform others who are unaware of his great acts to help.

  3. Normally visits with a local radio station and this time TVN was her to interview Tom and take photos. I will have a post out soon.

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