7 thoughts on “Internet Acting Up This Morning

  1. I have both CO and C&W to deal with this sort of thing. So far, they’ve not both been out at the same time. And the two combined are cheaper than Planet Telecom!

  2. We have C&W only and in the past 5 years have had only 3 disruptions for a cumulative total of 7 – 8 hours.. Ron. …

  3. I also have CO and C&W. Cable modems are shared bandwidth and thus are more unstable than DSL. I actually just developed a piece of software, an “Adaptive Failover Monitor” that detects the onset of instability on a WAN and switches over to DSL until it’s over. I can also hang it on any Internet connection, wifi system, ethernet over powerline etc. to detect otherwise invisible problems in the the networks. Early on, by accident, I discovered that a cheap switch in my LAN was degrading my throughput by 30% – invisibly. I’ll post come log charts and commentary if anyone is interested.

  4. What is C&W. We have CO but it isn’t working for us. It keeps freezing up around 7 pm each night and on weekends when everyone is watching the ballgames. We really need fiber optics up here in Jaramillo Centro but can’t get a reply back for when they are going to continue installing it in the rest of Jaramillo. We were told that Panama was up to standards with the US at the convention we attended but so far everything has been a lie except for the beauty of the place.

  5. C&W stands for Cable and Wireless. No, the internet standards will not compete with the US. I am now living in Texas and I have 400 MB download and get it for $60/month. My connection in David has around 50MBfor around $50/month. That is good for Panama.

    If you are not able to get a good CO connection and have to depend on a wireless provider you may have to pay close to $90/mo for 2MB down. Since I have been out of the country for two years, I am probably out of date on speeds and prices.

    If you get your information from tour lectures or retirement magazines, then you will read what the provider thinks you want to hear as opposed to the truth.

    I doubt if you will read about the current crime situation as well.

    Good luck.

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