5 thoughts on “Internet Acting Up This Morning

  1. I have both CO and C&W to deal with this sort of thing. So far, they’ve not both been out at the same time. And the two combined are cheaper than Planet Telecom!

  2. We have C&W only and in the past 5 years have had only 3 disruptions for a cumulative total of 7 – 8 hours.. Ron. …

  3. I also have CO and C&W. Cable modems are shared bandwidth and thus are more unstable than DSL. I actually just developed a piece of software, an “Adaptive Failover Monitor” that detects the onset of instability on a WAN and switches over to DSL until it’s over. I can also hang it on any Internet connection, wifi system, ethernet over powerline etc. to detect otherwise invisible problems in the the networks. Early on, by accident, I discovered that a cheap switch in my LAN was degrading my throughput by 30% – invisibly. I’ll post come log charts and commentary if anyone is interested.

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