H1N1 at Epidemic Level


If you haven’t been watching the news, the H1N1 flu virus is at epidemic levels in Panama. 12 have died and 57 are in intensive care. The Panama Ministerio de Salud is advising all to get vaccinations.

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  1. I’d advise handwashing on a regular basis…and carrying liquid sanitizer. Keep your hands off hand rails in public places and be mindful of touching your face if you have to use a common door push handle. Stay away from people with a “cold” or the flu. Flu shot?. I myself would not take it.

  2. Lilliam and I will get the flu shot next week. We have had flu shots before in David. My uncle in Oklahoma has his flu shot every year and it has made a difference for him.

  3. Going to get our shots this coming week. Don’t need to add this flu to all other medical issues I have…..scary.

  4. Studies have shown that the flu shot is not effective. 50 percent of folks who get the shot end up getting it anyway. There is also great suspicion that the shot can actually give you the flu.

  5. I have received the flu shot for 50 years, I am healthy and so far have experienced no side effects at 67 years old. I believe it is one of those things that may depend on ones own body chemistry and cannot be stated as a fact one way or the other across the board. I get bit by bugs and have a very annoying reaction where as my husband gets bit and he generally does not have much of a reaction at all. Use your life experience and listen to your body to make a reasonable decision for yourself.

  6. Sanitation is important always. I worry about folks and I guess it is time to be cautious for myself.

  7. Make sure that you ask for the quadravalent high dose flu vaccine in David if available. It increases your over 65 immune response by about 25% . The immune response takes about 10-14 days and decreases the chances of getting flu, including H1N1 by about 74%, has few side effects if you are not allergic to eggs and is especially important for those with compromised health status. In the meantime, keep up with the hygiene, tough to do inpublic laces in Panama and get a flu vaccine every year.

    See these links for scientific vetted information.

  8. There is no more flu vaccine in all of Chiriqui at this time. We went to get our shots this morning and were told that maybe more would be coming in a week.

  9. I’ve never had a flue shot and never will, (I have never had flu either except the terrible outbreak of Asian Flu in 1954 when I was one of a 1000 boys in the Army Apprentice College) About two thirds of the boys went down with the flu, quite understandable as we all lived in communal barracks. I know that most Doctors will recommend that you have the injections because that is what they are taught (Tuition paid for by the drug companies that make the flu vaccine) but most enlightened Doctors who have rejected the drug companies teaching will tell you that the injections do more harm than good and I prefer to believe them!

    Keith Darby

  10. We are in our mid-60s and get a flu vaccination every year. It costs almost nothing and avoids the suffering of having the flu. Flu vaccinations only trigger one’s own immune system to produce antibodies specific to one’s own proteins. So, there can be minor reactions to the vaccine but those reactions are MUCH less than the stress on one’s system if you get the real virus. And, as we age, our systems are less able to deal with fighting off a virus, so preparing antibodies ahead of time saves stress on the body.

    Viruses are protein specific so there is no cure for all viruses for all people. The best defense is to let your system kill an already weakened virus to be prepared if the real deal comes along.

  11. My wife and I got our shots at the clinic in Boquete last week. We’re 73 yrs old and don’t recall ever having flu shots, even when young.
    There was no pain receiving nor for days after. My cotton ball they provided didn’t even receive a blood spot. Neither of us has had any negative effects in the week since. Word we received is this version is ‘airborn’, not requiring physical exposure/touch, but we do not know the accuracy ot that. They asked for our ID for their forms they fill out & we provided our Cedulas. There was NO CHARGE for the shots.

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