Nealon’s Video

I have a very talented granddaughter. As you may remember, she gave birth early and lived through many stressful days praying that her newborn son would survive.

He was born early weighing 2 pounds 5 ounces and lost weight down to 2 pounds 3 ounces.

Through all this period of his life, he was surrounded by love as evidenced by all the photos and videos that were taken. My granddaughter and her husband were able to live in the hospital until the day that Nealon was released.

Lindsay, my granddaughter, took all of the photos and videos and created a memory video documenting the beginning to current. I thought it was exceptional, but obviously, I am a little biased.

None the less, if you have 11 minutes I would like to share the video my granddaughter made. It brought tears to my eyes.

11 thoughts on “Nealon’s Video

  1. Outstanding video. Congratulations …that was a long hard journey. Please keep the progress shots coming.

  2. Terrific video DonRay. Congratulations to you and your family. Quite a triumph. The long stay in NICU and the feeding tube shots brought back some emotional moments for me as well. This was us 27 years ago May 20th for our Rachel. You are so blessed to also have the technology to be able to see this all from afar. Very happy for you.

  3. This brought back a lot of memories. My youngest daughter had to deliver at 31 weeks, due to Placenta Previa. She had been in the hospital hemorrhaging the week before, which they got under control, but they told her she might have to deliver at any time. They gave her injections of a steroid useful for expanding the lung capacity of preemies. A week later she was forced to deliver. Her daughter weighed 3 lbs. She was so tiny, Because my daughter is a pediatric nurse, she was able to take her home at 4 lbs. Unfortunately she was not allowed to stay at the hospital, except during regular visiting hours. She pumped milk and took it to the unit four times a day. The baby was there for three weeks. We bought Cabbage Patch doll clothes, since even the preemie clothes were big. I was so happy she was able to eat without a feeding tube. Generally newborn girls are stronger than boys and she also had the help of the steroids By the time she brought her home she was able to nurse, which requires more energy than sucking from a bottle. Thankfully she had no complications and is now 30 years old and the mother of a baby boy, who was also delivered by emergency C-section, but for another reason.

  4. Life is precious. Children are the future. We are just used up old folks. We are to protect and love and cherish the young and teach them right from wrong.

  5. the most beautiful video i have seen this year. it is amazing, & yes “exceptional”. my best to all of you & especially this lovely young family. xo s

  6. Certainly brought tears to my eyes. My niece and nephew went through this with twins. Ryan unfortunately died a week later. But, Charlie is now a healthy 4 year old! You have certainly been blessed. A gorgeous video. So happy you shared it with us. <3

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