The Grand Avenue Restaurant

Out with the old. In with the new. Jewelberry sold and is now open under the new name of The Grand Avenue Restaurant.

Here is the Google Map in case you don’t remember the location.

I am happy to say that Broster Chicken is still on the menu as well as the frozen yogurt.

We went the first Sunday we returned from the US. The restaurant is open on Sundays with a buffet. It is always good to have another Sunday choice because there aren’t that many that I like.

The restaurant has a larger menu and several items I want to try such as fried shrimp.

I had the Broster Chicken and it was the same. I had french fries instead of the potato wedges that I didn’t care for. It had more of a salad than slaw.

The service was very good and they have expanded eating areas.

If you drop in, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Photos follow.

21 thoughts on “The Grand Avenue Restaurant

  1. Well, I am glad to hear your good words. Malcolm and I went there less than two weeks ago on the suggestion of the owner’s sister and it was one of the worst meals we ever had! I have read other reviews confirming this. I was hoping it was just them getting their act together and certainly wish them great success!

  2. I can only comment on my chicken. All new restaurants go through growing pains. They either adjust and make it or disappear 6 months later. Time will tell.

  3. Four of us ate there Thursday night and we all agreed that McDonalds chicken dinner was less then half the price and 10 times better. Also my wife found a hair in her salad that looked like a pubic hair. We wont be going back to this place again. We miss the old owners.

  4. Have eaten there twice now and the first time had burgers which were OK but very few french fries. The next visit I had their sandwich which is pictured on one of their partition walls and what I got was nothing like the pictured sandwich and had minimum meat that was hard to find in the sandwich. My wife had their fish which was good but again very few french fries. We prefer eating inside in an air conditioned area free of flying insects, but found their inside is loud with the machine noise from their yogurt machines. In all, we know of better places to spent our eating out dollars.

  5. I had been in medium range New York City / Philadelphia restaurants, paid their menu’s prices, been very satisfied food wise / service.
    Panama City, best hotels cuisine or restaurants can’t even come close to polish their shoes in a good summer day.
    Their food menus aren’t continental at all, their prices are outrageous & service isn’t the correct one for the occasion.
    They want you to believe here in Panama things are made different but better than Europeans & Americans restaurants, unless one is totally blind & without any knowledge of life that can be credible.
    Here we don’t eat much outside, I’m a gourmet cook, we ate well at home for less $$ & a fair amount of work.
    Brussels, Belgium wild hare cooked gourmet style + grilled vegs, soup + bottle of wine U$S 36.00 x person.
    Milan, Italy 7 plates sea food, excellent bottle of wine + a serving of anisette & small amount of dry nuts, U$S 42.00 x person.
    In neither restaurants NO tips allowed, cooks/waiters get offended if you do.
    David is becoming Panama City irrational habits, they cutting your jugular at once price wise, non service.
    Of course may be some people that disagree with my point of view, well Panama is engulfed in a cloud of nonsense, it’s not a first world country, never has & it never will be, there weren’t enough foreigners here (specially Europeans) during the outset of this country in order to teach & direct its people in the correct path.

  6. So is this a comment on this restaurant because you have eaten there and don’t like it. Or is this just a general comment and you need to rant a little? Try a little chamomile tea. It soothes the nerves.

  7. Panama does not have to pattern itself after the ” Europeans” to be on the “correct path”. What an arrogant statement! If you didn’t like the restaurant or the service, okay, but really!

  8. To be fair, Panama was and is not known as a culinary destination so to expect fine dining here is just not going to happen. The local food is pretty tasty albeit limited and sauces are redundant. Beyond that locals try to emulate ethnic dishes but simply do not have the experience to make it taste good, but they try. As a foodie myself living in Panama for many years, it has been an epic fail food wise. Aside from limited choices, limited hours, poor service, high prices and no consistency, if you are a foodie and plan to move to Panama just be prepared for dining disappointment.

  9. Henry O. How funny! The first Europeans were Spaniards, look how THAT turned out. Mexico had Spaniards and French, turned out worse.

    Oh well, I think I’ll hit On The Border for some TexMex for lunch. (We’ll be thinking of you and Lilliam, Don Ray!) 🙂

  10. Appreciate what you have up north. It’s way beyond good food. Well maintained public parks everywhere, public libraries, emergency services, reliable infrastructure, consumer friendly, you name it. And it costs about the same to live there as it does in Panama depending on where you live. A small city or suburb will have all the amenities you could want within 10 minutes away. Don only scratched the surface. There are many other critical factors to consider before expatriating. Imagine having a heart attack and being forced to stop at an ATM to pay the ambulance driver on the way to the hospital. That is assuming you can get an ambulance in the first place. Does that inspire confidence? Future gringos are unaware of the realities of expatriating. You give up a lot more than you think and will find out over time. Use caution and always have an exit plan.

  11. I appreciate everything I have, Gordon, and I appreciate that I have everything I need. I have any edge, married to the same girl from Boquete for 45 years gives me a bit more insight than most expats will ever be able to research. I tried sharing what I had learned in 45 years with various forums, but the truth was not well received by those having an interest in enticing new gringos to Panama. Even gringos with no business interests would still like to lure more gringos as a safety in numbers tactic.

    My bride of 45 years loves to visit extended family but to live in Panama? No thanks.

    Jim and Nena

  12. @ Jim / Nena,
    with all due respect, you may be right 50 % about Spain (not France), while you travel throughout northern / central Europe all those countries there look down with disrespect to Portugal, Greece, Spain & some anothers down there.
    Even though I acknowledge I committed an error saying “Europeans” what I was meaning was Germans, Italians, English, Swiss, French, Belgians, Slovaks, etc.
    Spain was probably a great country at slavery in all Latin America in the great foreign land discovering era but nothing else, today Spain is just as great as Puerto Rico is.
    The true of the matter is that Spaniards wanted to own EVERYTHING from the lands to the gold in Latin America, it brought the aborigines to think that all the white man where the same.
    That was a non-win situation, is exactly what we have today from Mexico to Argentina, including Brasil, even though the Portuguese were in there.
    Lack of comprehension due to false pride from the few Spaniards families that remain in Panama (e.g the actual govt case) & in all Central America.
    But the main problem resides in the Darwin theory of evolution, its none in ALL Latin America yet.
    Look at the African continent, take away the South African Republic, what we have , nothing at all.
    All those countries mentioned above were the colonizers of the black continent, they slaved the inhabitants in certain way, but most of them were allowed to a decent living promises, education til high school only, food, health care, etc.; & those countries have infrastructures.
    In the ’60s the blacks started to practically demolish all the white govts. all around Africa, take a good look what Africa is today, the blacks are killing each other on their own land.
    Look at the former Belgian Congo, nothing but drug dealing, terrorism & so on, all the hard work that the Europeans did to brought the country up is gone forever.
    Spaniards were blood suckers in those days, that is why I said about the Europeans in Panama, look at the US, few Spanish immigrant, vast majority from northern/central Europe, hard working individuals.
    Of course now we have all the invasion from down south of non-desirable illegals.
    But we can’t blame the Spaniards nor the Europeans only, the inhabitants especially in Panama, are the guilty ones, while they have (in the following order) women, parties, drinking & drugs they are happy.
    I speak, read & write Italian, Spanish 100% & understand this culture to the end, there is no signs of any changes in here in the country’s structure regarding education, security, healthcare & so on, why ?? nobody cares, the govt is spending billions after billions in projects that aren’t need right now, but there is no water in the towns & cities all around the country, neither healthcare, food is terrible & so on.
    Of course if a Panamenian reads all these lines will say “Its all a lie, its all the gringos fault, they always have screwed us since way before the canal.

    That is way I mentioned above Darwin theory of evolution, never happen in here yet,
    “How I’m going to please myself & how much $$ I’m going to get freehand regardless if my country gets screwed over & over again is what counts in here”.
    Thanks for remember me while you are having your TexMex lunch but I’m a gourmet cook & I like different kind of food.
    Enjoy your stay in the US.

  13. Thank you, Henry O.
    I enjoy every day in the US, thankful for what we have. It is no surprise that everyone is trying their best to get to the USA.

    I also love visiting Panama and other places. The time I spent in Brussels was fun, the years I spent in Venezuela were fun (and profitable). I enjoy about every place I have been but I love living in the USA. We can eat gourmet food whenever we like, I enjoy the relaxed surroundings as much as the food when we go out to eat. We have every possible flavor of food within 10 miles of my home so we never have to choose just one or two kinds.

    One of my sons showed up just before lunch, strange how often that happens, so Nena just fixed empanadas and fresh salad. Maybe we’ll do TexMex for supper?

    Have a great day and enjoy whatever is happening.

  14. It would be great to start a repatriate blog and give pointers and ideas about places to retire in the USA. After nearly a decade in Panama experiencing all of its charm and glory and then researching a return to the USA, it was shocking to realize how much I’ve sacrificed. Just being away from family was bad enough but to endure a way of life that does not inspire confidence, lacks transparency and leads to perpetual cynicism and doubt is unhealthy and toxic. Panama is a beautiful country and a great place to visit but to promote it as a great place to retire is down right scandalous. Looking forward to some Pho and a nice stroll in the park after I return home!

  15. I kind of tried that on Lee’s Ning about 4 years ago, Gordon. Lee was also interested in replies and there were some good, honest ones. It is still the 2nd most popular discussion. Click my user ID for the link.

    Panama in small doses and with family, like we have done for 40 years is enjoyable, but lately the stress of being constantly aware of one’s surroundings takes some of the enjoyment away. Nena has no qualms about traveling there but she is worried whenever I am along. My nickname in the family is El Faro since I’m 6 feet tall, blond, and pale. Luckily for me, my Spanish sounds Panamanian and I don’t look like I understand any Spanish. More than once I have heard maleantes discussing my future and have stopped them cold with a few well-chosen words in Spanish.

    But, the overall level of tension makes having a good time difficult in a crowd so we mostly just hang out with family and bring them here when we can. They would much rather visit us in the US than have us visit them there, anyway.

  16. We went to the Grand Ave last night. We just bought the chicken and left. It was very good. There are folks there that are very courteous. They went to a great deal of trouble to change the appearence of the outside of the place. Looks fancy but does not have the fancy prices. I kind of miss the coleslaw and potato wedges but then I guess it does not matter that much. There is a lot of competition and this is the slow time for tourists etc. I hope they continue. Noted they had many employees with very few customers. I used to manage a Burger King. Labor is the biggest expense must be managed wisely.

  17. @ Gordon James,

    same as you, I have many yrs living here (Panama city & now Chiriqui) & believe me every day that passes I see my return as one that can see an oasis in the desert.
    I really don’t understand how did I put up for so long in here, lately is nothing but prices increases all over the place (mostly without any reason, due to businessman want to get ahead of the rest of them thieves).
    I lived for many yrs in the Phily, Pa. suburbs prior to my retirement, life was kind of expensive there but I had an excellent job plus everything I needed in those days.
    I have been searching in southwestern Pa. for real estate, you will get surprised of all the opportunities for a retired person that exist in there nowadays, matter of facts allover the country for that matter, but I like small town in Pa., people are strict but nice, crime is lower prices are cheaper & you are having most of your needs about 10 – 20 mins. away.

    USDA (US Dept.of Agriculture) is offering a very gentle & low home loan % for individuals that don’t have a great income, top is around 30 G. no $$ down & up to 30 yrs mortgage.
    I’ll take a shot soon, I’m getting holder here doing not a thing.
    I’m a very handy person, I like hobbies, built couple machines here, but people are untrustng here & want everything for free, so I had it already.
    Besides all that I like the cold climate & I missed my snowy days.
    Wish you a good day,
    Henry O.

  18. We ate there last week and unfortunately, my broastred chicken was way overdone, so much so, that the crust was almost too hard to eat. My wife had BBQ chicken and it was ok. Did like the French fries vs. the potato wedges.

  19. My recommendation is to make management know that the Broaster chicken was over cooked. It is possible that they are no longer a Broaster franchisee. If they are, then they need to understand how to use the equipment to cook the chicken. If they didn’t bother to learn or if they are not doing it correctly, they will loose the license. If the are not licensed, then Broster will make them remove the Broaster emblem from the restaurant.

  20. Henry O., it’s time to move on. Consider it a learning experience. There are many places in the USA that will suit you. Keep an open mind because hidden gems are everywhere. Places that have everything you want and more. Good luck.

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