6 thoughts on “Panama Myth

  1. What they really said was “be on THEIR time”. It took me several years to figure this out. Also, the time delay is exponential, 2 people means 4 times as long, 3 people involved is 9 times, 4 people is mañana (another day, not necessarily tomorrow).

  2. Panama the land of the “fake”.
    Every damn thing is a lie, from the banks to the every day simple issues.
    On any issue that you trying to collect info, be it in an office or by phone, when you ask for a “manager” he/she is always busy in a meeting…………….
    What a joke of a country.
    One more thing, Its always the USA fault, doesn’t matter what it is, they still have the bad taste in their mouth about the former Panama’s canal.

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