Two More KODI Installations

I brought back two Amazon Fire Sticks and finished the configuration after installing KODI on them.

I am still using The Wolverine Build as my build of choice. This is a build that is supported by MrHArias. If you use this build, I recommend adding MrHArias Wizard to your Facebook groups to keep up with the status of his builds.

Amazon is starting to flex its muscles. In a past system update, it made the Fire Starter app incompatible and I am no longer using it. However, the Fire Stick system also added the ability of seeing the most recently used Apps by double clicking the home button and I am finding this good enough to not look for a Fire Stick replacement.

The only downside to no having the Fire Starter is that you cannot upgrade KODI on the Fire Stick to new releases without using adbFire.

Installing KODI on the Fire Stick is reasonably easy using the adbFire application on your PC. However, installing The Wolverine Build was a pain in the butt because I could not get the ARES Wizard to install on KODI on the Fire Stick. I had no problem on the Fire TV, but the Fire Stick was a problem.

I read that Amazon is starting to require KODI to be removed before certain apps can be installed. This isn’t a problem for me since I don’t need any of the conflicting apps.

Two more Fire Sticks have now been configured and I expect the users to be very happy with their purchases. They have cut the cable cord.

16 thoughts on “Two More KODI Installations

  1. Is there a video or page with step-by-step instruction on how to get KODI on a Fire Stick, from scatch that is simplistic enough for those of us who never met a Wizard, have no idea what an adbFire is but still want to go beyond Netflix?


    If you have a Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick, I will be happy to do it for you the first time and you can do keep up with future versions. The site I put above, has good instructions.and it installs the standard TVADDONS build. This is the most easy. Most other builds can be installed by using the ARES wizard. The problem will be if you can access the ARES wizard. I have sometimes had problems with it and they keep changing the location of the build.

    Contact me if you need help.

  3. I have been playing with kodi for about a year now. I like both spins and husham repos. I am currently using cellar door on my tablet. I run both kodi and spmc. Yes Ares wizard. Is giving me a fit as well, I will be shooting a message to Teko later today. Billcarmine

  4. Don Ray, What VPN do you use? I have limited Bandwidth (5) meg, and I have a Media Center that I want to use. I would like one (for Android) that is not resource hungry. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Thanks for the generous offer, Don Ray. I will take you up on it if I can’t get it going myself. I actually tried installing KODI some months ago onto a laptop and got far enough to be able to search and find multiple sources of specific content. But when I clicked to download, nothing happened.

  6. Good day , living in David is awesome.! I’ve been using the kodi,Tdb Horus build on my PC and tablet. Working great, has the guide to watch those morning shows. Lol I prefer to just load these builds on a non Amazon android box. I find it much easier for users to load! Should you need help send a flare and buy me a beer!

  7. Do you feel that you need a VPN, and if so, which do you recomend? I am running KODI on a MINIX NEO X8-H Plus. As long as I watch SD (Not HD!) I get good DL speed with little or no pauses. I have 5M internet service.

  8. Hi Steve, as of this point I haven’t had to us a VPN . With that said ipvanish is recommended from most of the kodi guys. Check out Husham or Joe Nobody, or Michael SEO on YouTube they have links and discounts.🤓

  9. You only need a VPN if you are worried about privacy issues.

    If you are using NetFlix or Amazon Prime then it might be of use. However, for those two services, I found UNLOCATOR (several posts on UNLOCATOR) because it uses less bandwidth and works better for me.

    I still have it for Amazon Prime.

    If all content is coming from KODI, then I haven’t found the need for a VPN in Panama.

  10. Great info reference unlocator. I will add that to my inventory. Why do you believe that there aren’t more kodi users here?

  11. My new Firestick will not show on my Samsung Series 4000 21 inch TV. Looked on Google and notice some issues on Firestick/Samsung. Have you had problems of this sort?

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