Need A UPS?

I have been needing a UPS for some of my security upgrades. I went to MultiMax and PanaFoto looking for a APC 1500. Multimax had theirs priced at $205. PanFoto was around $249. PanaFoto had them in stock and Multimax was going to get them in this week.

I elected to wait on MultiMax and not purchase from PanaFoto.

Then as luck would have it, we went to Price today and son-of-a-gun there was the APC 1500 priced at $179. I got mine. If you are in need of a top of the line UPS, they still have some. I have never seen PriceSmart carry this model before and the way things go in Panama, these won’t be there long.

What luck!

3 thoughts on “Need A UPS?

  1. I looked it up on Amazon to figure out what “UPS” means…. I must be getting old!

  2. It says up to 164 minutes runtime. It will depend on what you have connected to it.

    I had to open the case to prepare the battery and it is very easy to remove and insert.

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