I Don’t Believe it

You all will never believe what happened to me this morning!!!

I just got home and I am still shaking!!

I went to Supermarket Rey to pick up some gum and something to drink. As I walked down the isle, I noticed this old lady (a gringa) staring at me. I looked at her, spoke and kept walking to the front counter to get my gum.

I picked up the gum and turned to go search for something to drink. When I turned around, the same lady was standing right behind me in my face. I can’t believe she had been following through the store with a basket full of groceries.

I tried to give her some of my Christian love. So, I smiled and said, “HI!” Then I went on to get me a bottle of water. On the way, I grabbed a couple bags of chips. Can you believe that same lady followed me through the store?! I was getting a little nervous and kind of mad because she never said anything and was acting really weird.

But, you know me, “Trying to stay in my HOLY loving mode!” I just smiled and said, “Hi.”

This is what’s really going to get you. She finally responded and said, “I am so sorry for staring, but you look just like my oldest son…. We just buried him two weeks ago.”

I felt so stupid for getting mad as I expressed my sincere sorrow for her loss. She said that she was fine because she knew that her son was saved and is with the Lord now.

Then she asked me to do her a favor. I said, “Sure, if I can!” She said that although she knew where her son was, she still felt this void because she wasn’t able to say good-bye to him.

Get this… She asked me to get in line behind her and as she left the store say….. “Adios Mama” so that she could have some sense of closure!!

I must admit that her request threw me for a second. However, thinking that this was my opportunity for intercessory, I agreed and got in line behind her. I put my items on the conveyor belt as she checked out.

As she left with her bags and the bag boy walking away, I said, “Adios Mama!!!” She smiled with tears in her eyes and said, “Adios hijo.” Hijo is “son” in Spanish.

When the cashier rang up my gum and bottle of water, two bags of chips and she said, “that will be $147.50.” I said, “WHAT!?!” As if I couldn’t hear, she repeated it, $147.50.” I said, “Can you tell me how a pack of $.25 gum, a bottle of $.99 water and two bags of chips equals $147.50?!” I was more than a little upset.

She said, your mother said that you were paying for her items too. I said, “MY MOTHER!?! THAT WAS NOT MY MOTHER!!!” The frustrated cashier mumbled, “You called her your mother”.

I literally dropped everything and ran out of the store, just in time to see the lady paying the bag boy for loading her bags in the car. I ran after her and was yelling… Excuse me, Excuse me!!!

The security guard turned to follow me because the cashier said I was leaving without paying.

The old lady turned around and saw me, and quickly went to get in her car. I caught her before she was able to shut the door. But she tried to escape out of the passenger’s side. So, I lunged at her only to grab her leg. The security guard was running toward the car, telling me to come back into Rey.

I started causing a real scene… yanking and pulling on her leg!! I kept pulling her leg and pulling her leg……. Just like I’m pulling yours!!!

Moral to the story: Don’t believe everything that you read on a blog on the Internet! Now, enjoy the rest of April Fools Day.

23 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe it

  1. My last April first before retirement, I put fake pants legs with shoes in every men’s stall in the restroom. I spent the rest of the day watching guys dancing in the hall outside that restroom.

  2. La Prensa reported that Panamanian authorities have outlawed Avril 1 due to disruptions and the loss of productivity. Henceforth, the Panamanian calendar will be printed with Avril 2 twice.

  3. You got me well this morning, I thought it was for real.
    That’s a very good one, in this country one can believe anything.
    Have a good day.

  4. “But, you know me, “Trying to stay in my HOLY loving mode!” I remember it from last year, ha,ha,ha.

  5. Hi: I am 74 yrs old and I THINK I remembered reading this before. If you want to pull my leg, put money in or on it or payment. . I need it for payment of my husband’s hospital bills and surgery and please PULL Highmark and his medical bills from Medicare and pull somewhere else. Have a good day. I appreciate you and your site.

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