No Rest For The Wicked – Or the Lazy

On Easter Sunday, I find myself looking at all of the loose ends I have before me.

Lilliam returns tomorrow evening from her extended visit to Costa Rica. I am sure she has enjoyed her visit and being with Sofia on her birthday, seeing how much both Sofia and Santiago have grown and learned since Lilliam’s last visit, and being with Susan, Christian and Natalie for Easter.

I don’t want her to return to a complete mess.

I have today and part of tomorrow to make the house look semi-presentable. Lilliam never expects miracles, but she also doesn’t want complete disasters.

I think only one of her plants died. It wasn’t my fault.

She had two plants on the side of the BBQ and the strong winds had blown the BBQ cover over one and I didn’t see it when I was watering all her plants.

Yesterday I put the cover back on the BBQ and OOPS. Well, that plant needed to be replaced anyway. Not sure Lilliam will see it the same way.

I have two loads of laundry to get done today. The sink is full of dirty dishes and that is on my list of things to get done. I hate to think how much worse it would have looked without eating out as much as I did. I hate washing dishes.

My uncle called yesterday. He said plans were shaping up for his 100th birthday and he planned on being there for it.

He was still upset about needing to use his walker following his two knee replacements the end of last year. I asked if it had affected his checking on the farms. He said he was fine once he got in the pickup and had no problem driving. Incredible.

When I got up this morning and felt a few pains and aches, I knew that I had nothing to complain about. Sometimes I think I have seen a lot of changes in my life time. Uncle Horace had see much more and is still planning for the future.

Well, the sink seems to be calling. I have put off my chores as long as I can. Have a Happy Easter and I will check back in if the house passes the Lilliam inspection.

9 thoughts on “No Rest For The Wicked – Or the Lazy

  1. I enjoyed reading your writing will ask my husband if he read it. A lot of us women see that happen upon our return home.
    I may get a pseudonym just as some of the people that write to you. thank you for sharing.

  2. Don, Don, Don ….every hear of paper plates and plastic spoons and knives and forks and glasses. You just need a big garbage bag. They sell all that stuff at Pricesmart so forget about the kitchen sink. Now the vacuuming, I once read that you had this automatic vacuuming machine that you just plug in and watch it do it’s thing. OK, the cleaning part is done. Watering the plaints is one thing I can’t suggest a replacement for unless you place them outside, uncovered, and get someone to do a rain dance. Don’t worry, the world will be all right again tomorrow. Hoping you had a wonderful Easter.


  3. You need a dish washer. Or just wash the ones you use each day and use them again.
    I’m a virus when it comes to plant care so I put all the potted ones on the patio and set the timer on the sprinkler. I take photos of where they were before moving them otherwise Nena knows they were moved.
    I don’t make the bed, I sleep on the couch. Saves a chore and if I don’t pass inspection, I’m already comfortable with sleeping there. jim

  4. Love this post. Especially the part about your uncle and his two knee replacements. At 54 I had one partial replacement at the end of last year and be sounds like he could run circles around me! It’s all about attitude and perspective. Enjoying your blog.

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