Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Days

Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Days
By Don Ray Williams
March 27, 2016

I have been counting the hours, minutes, seconds and days.
Filling my time with TV, and eating until I’m half crazed.

I have learned that being alone is one thing, but being lonely is worse.
It’s a pain that can’t be eased by a doctor or nurse.

You’ve become so much, a part of my life,
First a friend, then companion, then lover and wife.

That when you’re not here I have this terrible void,
That nothing can fill and where nothing’s enjoyed.

The TV is on and I forget what I was watching,
Was it music I heard or was it just merely talking?

Food is tasteless and ice cream is bland.
Being alone is too hard for this mortal to stand.

Soon you’ll be home and my life again complete.
I’ll say I’ve been fine and it wasn’t much of a feat.

Still no matter what you hear or what I might say,
Know that when you are not here, I miss you each hour, minute and second of each day.

5 thoughts on “Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Days

  1. Very heart warming and nice try to define a missed love one. Being lonely is a feeling of despair, a huge void of nothingness, which can only be cured by your loved one returning.
    Hang tough Don, she will soon be home.

  2. You have the heart of a true romantic. Wonderful poem for a wonderful woman. You are a lucky man.

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