Something From Way Back

When Lilliam is away, I eat out a lot. If you looked at my sink in its current situation, you would understand why. While I don’t mind cooking a little, I hate cleaning up. Hence, I eat out. Note to self! Wash dishes before Lilliam returns.

Yesterday, I wanted something different. Something from the past. Something that would bring back happy memories from a time gone by..

No restaurant in Chiriquí came to mind as having anything close. I decided to go to Super 99, which carries more specialty precooked items than other supermarkets I have found in David.

I found it. Some of my favorite things. Maybe not gourmet, but certainly capable of bring back pleasant memories.

20160325_143417The first thing I found was some Dr. Pepper. While the new 99 didn’t have the original Dr. pepper (it often carries Dr. Pepper), I did find some Cherry Dr. Pepper. That would work.

20160325_143423Next I picked up a bag of Lays Potato Chips. You can’t eat just one.

But for the pièce de résistance, I found a real memory grabber.

Are you ready for it?

Can I have a drum roll please!

Feast your eyes on something I haven’t seen in years.

Certainly I have never seen it in Panama.

What would appear before my eyes in the frozen fast food portion of the store, but ….

I bet you are wondering what delicacy I found aren’t you. What could it be? A heat and eat Chicken Fried Steak with french fries and cream gravy. I WISH, but no.

How about chili and cheese enchiladas and all the trimmings. Again, that isn’t it. 

Okay, it isn’t gourmet, but it was always a treat to toss down some of my favorite sliders.


Can you believe it?  White Castle burgers. I confess, they were not as good as they used to be coming hot off the grill, but the memories that they brought back were fabulous.

Dr. Pepper, Lay’s Potato Chips and White Castle sliders. It just doesn’t get better than this.

7 thoughts on “Something From Way Back

  1. Yep…White Castle. … I’m from Chicago and always looked for White Castle places while driving down through Indiana towards relatives
    in Virginia. That’s been many years ago!

  2. In the South, they had Crystals restaurants which appeared to be the same thing. In the South, the saying would be “It don’t get no better than that!”

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