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I just received the following email

Just wanted to let everyone know about a home invasion that happened three weeks ago, Wednesday at a cattle farm in the Sortova area North of Concepcion. The victims were Panamanian locals, not expats.

The home invasion happened around 1:30-2:00am. The five male intruders entered through a window. None of the windows on the house have security bars, which made it easy for them to enter. The family never new anyone was in their house until the intruders got them out of bed. All the intruders wore masks and gloves, and were armed with guns. The family was tied up with their eyes covered. The intruders ate the families food, took $200.00 and a cell phone. One of the intruders told the family that they were lost, and that is how that happened onto their home. At this point, all five of the intruders put the family into the family pick-up. All seven adults and two small children road in the cab with one of the intruders driving. The guy was driving like a bat out of hell and hit a cow in the road, but not bad enough to disable the vehicle. At this point, the mother took off her mask and sad what happened. She was told they hit a cow and to put her mask back on, but one of the other intruders told her she didn’t have to. Apparently the intruders were being friendly; they even went as far as telling the family they should have had bars on their windows and a mean dog to deter criminals. While they were driving down the highway towards David, a PNP vehicle passed them. They finally stopped some where on the South-side of David, and the gang got out of the truck. Because the pick-up was almost out of fuel, one of the intruders gave $40.00 back to the Father, out of the $200.00 they had take, to pay for gas so the family could get back home. Then the family was told not to say anything to the police, or they knew where they lived.

The family did not go to the police. Not so much, as for fear of their lives, but because they don’t believe the police would do anything. Many locals have been robbed. Many times more than Expats, but don’t report it.

Two things ironic about this incident are that this family had been told repeatedly that they needed to put bars on their windows by multiple family members. In addition, yesterday the father came home and caught a burglar trying to steal their television. After all they had gone through, they still hadn’t put bars on the windows. It’s now a priority.

My advise; increase physical security measures on your property and start a Neighborhood Watch program where you live.

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  1. I wonder if they got lost while looking for their intended target in Concepcion? Has anyone else been robbed in that area since the 3 week’s time?

  2. Rules for Latin America Living: Bars, Dogs, and a Weapon ( Semi-Automatic ) LEARN HOW: TO SHOOT … OR.. take what you get ( Hopefully you be able to live with what ever happens )

    I Shot to kill ! … My advice: KILL AS MANY AS POSSIBLE … or Pay Protection money to a Mafia group & Never have to worry about justice again … Then Sleep like a baby


  3. Dick Kesterke
    22 March at 18:31 ·
    Sad news to report this afternoon. While in Bugaba we got word by phone that another of our neighbors had been robbed. A widow who lived on a small finca with her young daughter, had been robbed in broad daylight while in their home less than a kilometer away. The thieves killed the daughter and assaulted the woman resulting in her hospitalization in David. We don’t know the extent of type of her injuries. She is reported to be on a ventilator now. Her Pancreas and bowel were destroyed and she was also shot in the shoulder. When we returned home many police and the coroner were on the scene. Has been reported on Telemetro news.
    Another neighbor was robbed Saturday while they were in church. The thieves broke down the wooden back door of their home and took electronics and cash. This robbery occurred also about a kilometer away.
    Both of these victims were Panamanians.
    Please use all available security precautions. Do not leave doors or windows opened or unlocked if you are not going to be in the immediate vicinity.
    God comfort this family and heal the mother.


  4. This happened 2 days ago….


    Also locals…. It is obvious someone involved in the sale/purchase of the land was involved…. Unless those two ladies told everyone they were selling a property…. And the wrong kind of people got a hold of the info.

    It is happening everywhere…. In Chiriqui it seems to be worse.

    I honestly tell people to really think hard before moving to Chiriqui or Panama… It used to be paradise… Now… Not so much.

  5. How horrible Dick. I was about to write on the other incident that “at least the robbers had a conscience”. Obviously these robbers that shot the girl and critically wounded the mother did not. Our hearts ache for these people. Living in constant fear as well as grief is a very sad state of affairs.

    For those of us who are foreign residents we( for the most part ) have the means to protect ourselves as best we can. We also have the option of returning to our home country. These unfortunate local folks are not in the same position. They are stuck where they are and may no have means to protect themselves as well as they need to.

    We feel really bad about this whole thing . Very serious situation for everybody including police who know these punks are like cutter ants in my garden. No end to it.

  6. And report crimes please! Nothing will be done if you don’t report it. Learn the laws and where you need to report it. If this family spoke up right away, the police had the right to pursue the criminals. Waiting makes it much harder to act.

  7. There is NO JUSTICE in Panama ” Corruption and Thieves” are facts of life here .. It’s something you have to know ..and understand .. Lots of talking by Expats but they Do nothing, That’s another problem ( Big Time ) The police will do Nothing ! The courts are corrupt and Slow, so ask anyone if they ever got any JUSTICE . ?

    Protection is up to you here in Panama … Learn to handle a Firearm .. Shoot to kill .. Put them in the Public hospital for 6 six.. or .. hire a PRIVATE GROUP/Person who will take care of Justice … .. Justice is only a few Dollar away ..

    The crime is going to double this year … Why .. Expats DO NOTHING 99% of the time so they target you … Kill these Scumbags or be Targets… MAKE YOUR Choice ..

    I sleep well .. Do you ?

  8. After reading both this blog and the comments I am left with two impressions. The first, people seem to think that the victims are at fault for this crime for not having window bars fitted and secondly, guns are the panacea that solves all problems. Based on the figures below for USA so far this year I would think that they cause more problems than they solve. I realise that if you are a gun lover no amount of tragedies or proper statics will change your mind but I do despair with some of the warped logic that is used to justify guns. Luckily Panama is not cursed with the 2nd Amendment.

    Total Number of Incidents 11,420
    Number of Deaths 2,904
    Number of Injuries 5,814
    Number of Children (age 0-11) Killed/Injured 122
    Number of Teens (age 12-17) Killed/Injured 655
    Mass Shooting 54
    Officer Involved Incident 1,076
    Home Invasion 504
    Defensive Use 357
    Accidental Shooting 569

  9. Hi Kevin. A couple thoughts. I am not one of the people who believe in having a gun in Panama. It is an individual decision and may be based on where you live as to whether it will be of benefit or not.

    I have seen more problems cause by guns than helped.

    If you haven’t grown up with guns, getting your first when you are in retirement age is not a good idea. It would be better to choose to live in a less dangerous area.

    The court system in Panama is not overly friendly to a person killing someone attempting to break into a home. This is mores with foreigners doing the shooting. People have fled Panama because of traffic accidents even though the fault was not theirs but the drunks in the car that died as a result of an accident.

    My last point is related to bars on windows and home security. Anyone that moves to Panama and lives in a house without bars is asking to have unwanted visitors enter. If you happen to be in the home at the time, you may wind up injured or dead. I live in one of the better areas of David.

    I am the only gringo among Spanish speaking neighbors. When we moved in this house it was the only house on the neighborhood without security (bars or other). I have upgraded it to be the most secure on the block. And I am in the process of adding more security.

    Crime has definitely been on the rise since I moved here over 13 years ago. Especially violent crime. Life has no value to many that are breaking into homes now. That is why your first security point has to be preventing entrance into the house.

    If you live in Panama, plan on having bars. Don’t want bars on your windows – don’t move here or increase your life insurance so your children can have a better retirement future.

    Oh yes a final note. Crime statistics are always lower than actual. Many gringos don’t report the crime because the system is not all that easy for a non Spanish speaking person and second because they are afraid it will lower their property value before they can sell

  10. Hi Don, thanks for your reply. I’m sorry if you got the impression my comments were a response to your post. They were not. They were intended as a retort to some of the comments posted. I realise it’s futile to get into a debate with some gun lovers but sometime (against my better judgement) I can’t resist responding to naive gung-ho comments.

    Keep up the good work.
    Cheers, Kevin.

  11. We’re seeing a RASh of robberies in Potrerillos.. Our car window was smashed inside our fence as was are 3 direct neighbors last Wednesday.3 other houses were hit about a 1/4 mile down towards David including our lawyers casita.. I fired two shots into the ground across from the 3 creeps as they ran when my dogs woke us an we opened the window.And, I know our lawyers husband drove them away from the hole in the fence at his house.

    We filed reports with the police an they took pictures.. We were told that they ladrones were on a quest to raze some money to go to the festivals. Our lawyer told us about her client’s home robbery and about the jewelry an other items taken. We believe they 3 robbers work for the chicken farms and my neighbor showed pictures of the sweater that was taken and it is quite unique. We think the idiot just might ware it and the cops promised they’d continue to visit the farm store.

    Will see >

  12. Hi Kevin, No, I just wanted to emphasize that bars on windows are the norm in Panama and living without them is really not an option. I am anti- gun for Panama, but leave others to their own opinion.

  13. Hi, I have inside information here…..Owner of this place is a sleazeball who just sold a hunk of property and has known cash. He is out partying at 2:00 a.m. and his wife and kids home in newly built house without verjas. Likely, the maleantes know him and saw him out at night and knew they could strike. This was targeted attack. I can’t stress enough though, you MUST have at least two mean dogs, fenced yard with locked gate, and bars on windows. That is the bare minimum people. Guns aren’t for everybody, they can give false sense of security. You should have a tactical flashlight always with you at night. I have Fenix PD35 with defensive strobe. You should order one on amazon right now before you stand up.

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